Miscellanious Monday Link up

Yay! Another Blog to link up with (or maybe this is one of previous ones...I don't remember, I am getting them all mixed up now)!.

I am linking up with http://www.carissagraham.com/ for Miscellaneous Monday. I was debating on blogging today, so I guess I will.

The rest of the weekend was ok. Saturday morning, I cleaned our bathroom, and cleaned up our place a bit. I went to work, and I brought back Montana's for supper. I had a gift card that I was able to use, and I was craving ribs. The supper was amazing!!! The best ribs I have had from them in FOREVER, if EVER. Even Anker, who doesn't like ribs tried one, and said they were good. We watched the news, and then watched Madagascar 3, which was cute. We then both watched "Life As we Know it", which we both think is pretty funny.

Yesterday, Sunday, Anker was still really sick, so I went to church alone. My parents were also in town, as they were planning on going to Calgary, but because of the road closures, and all the stuff happening, they decided to cancel their trip, so they came into town instead. They didn't want to hang out with us, but they did want to come to church with us:) The service was amazing!!!! I went up for prayer twice, and I totally felt energized after:)  The worship leader/pastor who was leading was saying that she was feeling that God was telling people to (and these are in my words) to come out of their comfort zone; not be afraid and go for what whatever we felt that God was calling them to do (or speaking to them about what He wanted them to do). I totally felt confirmed on where I want to go, and what I want to do.  I am SO excited!!! I tried to ask mom and dad to take me to lunch, but they had things to do. Oh well. I went to SBX to grab some lunch and iced tea, and read the paper and my mags. I had to grab a few things for our cold, and for the house. I came home and watched a movie, and had a rest. I ended up having a relaxing evening. I watched some movies, and didn't do a whole lot, which was nice.

I am loving "Who do you think you are" right now. I love seeing celebrities' stories on their family's roots. Love it.

Anker is still really sick. I am taking him to the doctor today (which I thankfully made last week), as he doesn't feel like he can drive himself. I am not feeling 100%, but meds, rest and fluids seem to be helping it. I am coughing a bit, and my nose is stuffy, but other than that, not much else.

My heart has been with Calgary and Southern Alberta the last few days. I lived there for over 5 years, and I have lots of family and friends there. When I see pictures of how bad the flooding is/was, I think "that was my home for 5 years". I am familiar with all the sights, and am sad that "my city" is underwater. I am confident, however, that it will be built up SOON! The Calgary Stampede is set to take place in about 8 days, and they are still planning on going ahead with it. I am impressed!!

I am switching my email from Hotmail to this gmail. I am tired of my other addresses, and I never use it (except for it's attachment to FB, etc), except for "newsletters" that I get from various companies. Besides, I think Gmail is more professional than Hotmail, don't you think?
Speaking of which, does anyone still email anymore?? I am starting to think of it as old-school.

My brother finally sent me the pictures that he took when we were together at the end of April. I wish Anker was with me, since it looks a bit funny of just having me in them (and they aren't glamour shots), but they are some pretty nice ones, which I like. We girls also got a few taken together. I like them:)

I guess that is all the misceallany for today:) Happy Monday!!!


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