Favourite Things THURSDAY

Edited on June 9.:

Yay! Another blog link up:) (or as they say blog hop). Please hop on over to http://summat2thinkon.blogspot.ca/ and check out the Ten Things of Thankful (it's the same thing same "favourite", right?) Enjoy:)

Well, since I have SO MANY Favs this week, I would do a few today, and a few more tomorrow...I know..I am going crazy...but here some of my less favourite (more regular, every day things) that I enjoy... So, in no particular order...here they are...

 1. Books, Magazines, a Tim's Bagel, and a French Vanilla on a SUNN day. Glorious!

2.I love anything pink and or sparkly! 'Nuff Said

3.I am trying to start on THE PIANIST, and I want to read SARAH's KEY,but I haven't started it yet. I did finish UNTIL THE END OF TIME. It was very good.

4.My Avon items arrived today...and they are all for me:) I love the bamboo brush:)

5. I redeemed my Bday drink at Sbx today. I love my gold GC card..I had the Venti Light Mocha Frap. It was very yummy, and I drank it all.

6. Ok, I haven't had this yet, but doesn't that look amazing?

7. The new chicken wrap from McD's...I wasn't totally in love with it, but it was good.

8. Again, I haven't tried this...but it looks amazing. Dare you not to look it up. I think I need to book a trip to NYC soon:) It is a Cronut:)
9.It is very Canadian to enjoy a cup of Tim Hortons Coffee. It is even more Canadian to buy one on Camp Day. I had a French Vanilla. It was amazing..as usual!

10. Cranberry Yogurt Muffins. I am not sure if I put this in a week or so ago, but these were good:) I kind of tweeked it...and I liked it. The rest are in the freezer.

I am feeling better today. That makes me happy. Work was good...I was quite productive today and yesterday, which again makes me happy. More on that maybe on Saturday:)


in the coop said…
So I googled "cronut" and couldn't be happier to see that a shop in downtown Indy (where my husband works) makes their own version! The kids and I may have to take a trip downtown to try them.
I look forward to hearing what you think about Sarah's Key. I've thought about purchasing it myself.
Thanks for linking up with us!
icansaymama said…
Awww, I just loved all your pictures of stuff to eat! Everything looks delicious and now I am hungry!

Thanks for linking up with us!
Clark Farley said…
add to Christine and Joy and the others to say, thanks for the linkation* always good to read a 10 Grat Post!

* well, no, neither of them would type the word linkation as, to their credit, they seem to believe in using words that actually exist! Be that as it may** welcome to the 10 Thank...hope to see you next Saturday

** what excellent sounding expression, non?
Kristi Campbell said…
Thanks so much for linking up with us. I can't thank you though for making me want to eat a cronut! YUM! In fact, all of your pictures look delicious.
Considerer said…
Ooops! Sorry for being late here! I love your ten things and have a friend who I think you would get along with SO well - she's totally into anything pink and sparkly too.

Please let me know if you ever try the bacon/donut thing because it looks awesome and we just don't have that kind of thing available here.

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