Beautiful British Columbia

Yay! I have found yet another blog to link up with!! I love link up days/s posts:) Today, I am linking up with to share where we live. Most of the ladies are from the States, so I think it is called the State link up, or something. is what I love about my PROVINCE:)

1. The Ocean. I love it. I don't swim in it as much I as would like, but I love going to the seashore:) I love pretty much any body of water.

2. The mountains. They are so beautiful and mighty.

3. The farm land. 'Nuff said.

4. The desert-like weather. I love that we get +30C weather in the summer. Our winters are not too terribly cold or long, either.

5. That we have (mostly) 4 seasons:) Yup, we have all four.

6. Our world-famous golf courses, wine, beer (although I don't drink), and ski-hills, and restaurants, and fishing spots.

7. On how some of our province-no wait-MOST of our province looks like places in Europe:)

8. Nelly Furtado, Ryan Reynolds, and Joshua Jackson were born here. Again, 'nuff said.

9. How celebrities come HERE to open restaurants, buy a home, vacation, to fish or ski.

10. MY FAMILY LIVES HERE! I was born and raised here, baby:) I am proud to be from BC:) It REALLY is what it says on our license plates, Beautiful British Columbia:) And I am proud to be from here.

11. That we have the coast, mountains, farmland, and even some flatland all in one place:)

12. Lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, streams; we have a lot of them.

13. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that our coast is one of the longest coasts in the world.

14. Nearly every type of fruit and vegetable grows here:)

15. We are free from tornadoes, earthquakes (ok, there have been a few small ones), hurricanes, etc.

16. Canucks, Lions, Blazers, Whitecaps, baby! (if you don't know who these are, look these up)

17. We are home to some amazing talent (see number 8).

18. Vancouver 2010 put BC on the map, no wait, that was EXPO '86:)

19. The colour and beauty that is autumn/fall.

20. We have hippies, rednecks, and yuppies all in one province, and we (mostly) get along!!

I have lived in Alberta and  Saskatchewan (if you haven't heard of these places, look them up), and I can say that I BC is my favourite province. I LOVE BC:) Not only that, but I love the area that we live in. I think BC has the best of everything.  I am proud to live here, and proud to call it my home.

A mountain on our way to the coast.
Did I mention that we have amazing sunsets?
The farm land:)
Cherries from last summer. You can pretty much get ANY type of fruit in BC.
The North Thompson River.
The beauty that is fall.
I love sun and leaves/tree photos.
And, that, my friends, is what I love about my home province!!


I've never been to BC, although my friends from BC do brag about it obsessively:) The photos are beautiful and you make a great case for your province! You should go into the tourism industry.
Nadine said…
A fellow Canadian! And a BC resident at that!? YAY! I'm over in Vancouver.
Yay..that is awesome, Nadine:) I have added you to my blog roll/reading list. I also forgot to mention that EPICURE is made in BC:)

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