Getting Connected:)

I am FINALLY (re) joining Twitter. Please follow me @the2ws. I am also on Pinterest Here is my link: And I am also on Instgram. It is aprilnanker. I am a serious Pinterest Addict:) I used to be on it EVERYDAY, but I am now on a few times a week...I LOVE it, which I stay away from it:) I am loving Twitter, too. Anker joined Twitter, and so I decided to rejoin:) I had joined awhile back, but everytime I logged in, it would forget my password. Now that I have a cell phone, I thought it would be fun to try again. Speaking of mobiles, and many apps do you have your cell phone? I tried to have FB, but it kept messing up my phone, so I deleted it. I do have Pinterest and Instagram..and am thinking of adding Twitter. I guess no one can add EVERY app to their phone, right? I just usually book mark them, to save a little time.


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