10 Things of Thankful;)

I am linking up with (again) http://summat2thinkon.blogspot.ca/ for TTT:) I am going to link up my post from yesterday in here, as well as try to think of 5 more...:)


6. For gifts and gift cards from great friends and family for my bday and grad.
This picture doesn't do it justice...
I am looking forward to using these babies sometime SOON:)
7.I am thankful for a brother who I can talk to who is also in the similar work field than me. He understands stuff that other people don't.
8. I am thankful for the SUN:) It finally came out today!!!
9. I took a picture today on my phone, but it wont upload to FB, therefore, not allowing me to save and paste here..anyway...I had my usual Friday routine this morning...I got my Magazines, Starbucks, and sat outside in the sun. I had a lovely couple of hours before work.
10. I cleaned my car. It has been needing it for a few weeks..uh, I mean months. So, I am thankful for a clean(ish) car.


Considerer said…
Well done you for cleaning your car - I'm still in denial about the state of mine...
Mary Hill said…
It is the simple things we take for granted sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that we are blessed everday. Even when life, just seems out of whack adn we face problems,
icansaymama said…
I totally get why you are so happy about the car cleaning. Isn't this one of the most horrible chores? I would be happy if I tackled my car, too!

Great list!
Cyndy Bush said…
The sun was on my list too. I live in Florida, the sunshine state! But lately have not seen nearly enough of that sun.
in the coop said…
We've had loads of sun this week, and it is wonderful!
There is nothing like a clean car to make me smile. Except a clean house, but that never happens. :)
Thank you for linking up with us again!
Clark Farley said…
the Sun! I vote for the Sun!! lol

I am one of those people who are always cold, so (except for a day or two) I should be 'not cold' for at least 8 weeks!! lol

Kristi Campbell said…
It's raining here today and is supposed to all week so YAY to the sun! Also, how awesome that you can have conversations with your brother that others wouldn't understand. And happy birthday!
I. Love. GIFTCARDS. They make me feel so rich.
Dawn Saros-Kirk said…
I just cleaned my car not too long ago after going for the whole winter without cleaning it. It sure feels good to get into a clean car. Don't you just love when you have some time to just sit and relax and enjoy the sunshine?

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