Ten things to be Thankful (pt 1) Blog Hop

I am linking up with (among others) http://summat2thinkon.blogspot.ca/ for Ten Thankful Things. I will do part two tomorrow:)  Here are the first 5 things that I am thankful for this week...(please refer to this post) http://thewainsateam.blogspot.ca/2013/06/5-on-friday-link-up.html.


Considerer said…
Hi April - thanks for joining in. This is our first two-part post! Very exciting :D
Oh..I thought I was doing it in two parts (5 today and 5 tomorrow) bc I wanted to link up today..so you are doing 10 more tomorrow?
in the coop said…
The link is open all weekend. You only need one list, and can join in any time either Saturday or Sunday.
Glad you are wanting to join us! I look forward to reading what you are thankful for.
Clark Farley said…
good to 'see' you
...like (the) concept of a (2) part Post.

Which, as Christine points out, has a home here as we have this here hop here running Saturday and Sunday!
Kristi Campbell said…
Thanks for linking up with us!

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