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Well, despite having a somewhat crazy week, there are a lot of things to be thankful for, and that I regarded as favourites this week...probably more...but here are a few..

1. This lovely dress from Penningtons. I usually don't wear dresses, but I have a few, and I haven't had a sun/maxi dress, in well, forever..I love it!!!! I wasn't going to get a new dress, but I am so glad I did:)

I love the back, too...
2. And to add to that...(which I will consider the same picture...my new hair cut:) I rarely go to expensive salons; I usually go to the cheap ones, and why not, when I can get what I want there?
3. I got my first pair of wedged shoes. I quite like them:)
Okay, you really can't see the wedges...
Not sure if these are the exact ones, but close enough:) Apparently, wedged shoes are very popular, as a lot of girls wore them at grad:) They did squish my left baby toe, but hey, they looked nice:)
4. My pedicure..my friend gave me a gift card to a local spa to have a pedicure
for the summer. I thought I would get it done before grad. My toes are pink:)
5. Friends and family that gives me birthdays, come to my grad, and is there when we need them.
I will post more about this past week probably tomorrow.
Happy Friday!


Considerer said…
It's lovely to be pampered a bit. I bet your newly coloured toes look great in those cute wedges :)
Josie Two Shoes said…
These were five wonderful things to be thankful for! I loved the sundress... gorgeous! I totally enjoy getting a pedicure and bright summer nail polish too... it's fun and it makes us smile when we look at our toes! :-)
Mary Hill said…
I love the dress. It looks nice on you. Can't wait til your next post. ;)
Wedge heels are very hip. I'm sorry they hurt your pinkie toe, but remember, beauty is painful! (By the way, I have NEVER had a pedicure. And I'm sitting on about $175 in gift cards right to use for pedicures.)
Kristi Campbell said…
OOOH I really really love the dress! I don't wear dresses often either but I'd wear that one. It looks great! And I like that you got pampered by a friend. Happy Sunday!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments:) YOu are soooo sweet:)

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