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Canada Day Memes and Jokes

Happy Canada Day 151!!!

I probably should have done a Canada Day Five on Friday Post, but I didn't. Instead, here are some Canadian Funnies!


Do you want a fun read? Click here for 35 Canadian foods. You're Welcome!

Again, you're welcome!!!

I was going to post some Canadian-related things, but I feel that it doesn't bare repeating year after year (I mean, it does, but I do tend to repeat myself).  Here is a post that I wrote a few years ago. You can go here to check it out. 

Also, it was my Instagram-ivsersay a week or so ago (5 years!), and my Tupper-versary on the 25th. Fun times!!!

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Five on Friday-End of School, Summer, and Canada Day Edition

Well, I was going to post this last week, but I guess I forgot! I will post a few from the last couple of weeks!

1) Schools Out/Gifts/Bucket List

Our school finished last week. Y'all, it was bittersweet to leave last Friday, but it had to be done! The kids were all so sweet and gave me some sweet gifts. I even got a couple of of gifs from the teachers. I also made a bucket list for I/we to do. I will see on how much I/we get done!

2) Trip to the Ranch

Anker and I went to the ranch for a few days. We had a wonderful time, despite it being cold. The rain is needed, so we weren't super sad, but we were still sad. Anker had fun doing projects, and I had fun dong, well, nothing! I did manage to do a cooking show for my Tupperware page (Ellen should be calling me any day now!), and I was hoping to swim in the pool, but it never got warm enough. I did have some visits with family, which was great. It was great not to have to leave on Sunday!

3) Staff Brunch

Our staff had their usual…

Victoria Day Long Weekend, and A Wedding

Yes, it has been awhile since our MD/VD long wknd, but I wanted to still blog about it, b/c you know...#gottafitin. Because this post is going to pretty long, and I have 100 pics, I won't be posting many (if at all) pics on/in this post. You can find them on my IG account here.

We had a four day wknd the wknd of 18-21 of May. The teachers had a Pro D Day, but we EA's had the day off. I gotta admit, even though we lost money for not having a PD Day, it was nice to have 4 days off. We were all tired, and needed it! Since it has been almost a month since the long wknd, I cannot fully remember what I did..I am going solely on IG pics :)

Thursday: After work, I ran around and did some errands. I actually did a Day in the Life post on that day. You can find this post here. I got a few thrift finds, had dinner, and watched tv.

Friday: I honestly cannot remember exactly what I did, but I am pretty sure that I slept in. I ran a few errands, and then I grabbed sushi, and headed for the …

Weekend Wrap Up-The People-y Edition

These weekend wrap ups won't be in chronological order, but since they were semi-interesting, I thought I would do a quick up date. A good friend died a few weeks ago, and her funeral was last weekend. She was an amazing lady; loved Jesus, and loved people!!! I hadn't gone to the ranch since the end of April, and even though I had just been away the week prior, I wanted a weekend away again. Anker chose to stay home, again. is what it is :) This was last wknd: June 1-3.

Friday: I left around 5 (after errands and packing), and was suddenly craving a Teen Burger Combo, so I got one on the way out. #priorities #cravings I got there at around 7. We just hung out and visited until 10:30 or so. This is what my bed looks like when I sleep alone:
I also have the laptop with me, and I will put something in at night.

Saturday: I slept in, and helped Mom with dishes. I hung out until I had to get ready, then we went to the funeral. Dad officiated both the service and the gravesit…