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This Town, and other complaints

Don't Say I didn't warn you!!

I woke up this morning with what I hoped would be a productive day..I really haven't done much. I did throw a load of laundry in the wash, and I did sweep and mop the floor, but the bathroom should get cleaned, and our living room should get vacuumed, but I don't feel like doing it today. Yes, I am lazy! I usually have Saturdays as my cleaning and home day..but I am just not into that...I am finally getting rid of our Christmas decorations, which have been in containors since, well, CHristmas. WIth our having a storage space (anker's bike parts are in our house storage), it's not as easy to get stuff/take stuff back..oh least when it's gone, we don't have to look at it.

I really wish we had a bigger place. I look at people's blogs and pics on facebook, with a tinge of jealousy..our place is a dump compared to theirs...oh well..such is life. I am not artsy at all, so I can't just go and make stuff to put on o…

Point Form

My blogging friend, Amber does a random thoughts post in point form every Tuesday, so I wanted to do it..I have a couple of times...and I like it...

I think I keep up with too many blogs. I don't really know how to delete a blog that I am following, well, I do, but it seems too much of a chore to delete it.

I have been disappointed in french fries lately. The only ones I really like are McDonalds. I don't even like Wendy's much any more.

My friends and I went to watch "The King's Speech" on Sunday. It was really good. Today, I learned that it got 12 Oscar nodds. This makes me happy.

I really want to start reading "Anne Frank's Diary". Maybe if I spent less time on Facebook, I will get to it.

We still have our tree and some decorations in our house. We have to take them to the mini-storage.

I think I have strep-throat. It feels like I burned my throat (as if I have drunk a hot drink). My friend told me that that was to ST feels like. Lovely.

I love havi…

Not Forgotten...

I wasn't going to blog tonight (I was actually just going to shut down and head to bed), but I thought I would quickly post what happened the last few days.

I wasn't going to post this, but I figure, this is a place where I can update, and share my thoughts and, why not?

A few days ago (Wednesday), I took a pregnancy test. I have taken them before, but it has been awhile (a year, maybe??) since I took one. I was late. I haven't been late for awhile. I was hoping. Praying. Thinking. Maybe. I was excited!! I didn't have any symptoms, so I was pretty sure I wasn't, but a lot of women don't have any symptoms, so I thought.."why not"? So, I bought a test, took it in Starbucks (well, in the bathroom, of course!), and nothing happened. I realised later that I did it wrong. Not wanting to waste it, I did it later that night at work. I peed in a cup. It was negative. I was sad. Not crying sad, but still sad. This was the first time a long time that…


Yes, I am a bad blogger!! I was hoping to blog before Christmas, but I never ended up getting around to it. Remember when I was asking "Where are you, Christmas?" Well, I finally started getting out of my slump (or whatever it was) a few days later, so I managed to get enjoy getting ready for Christmas.

I finally was able to finish off the rest of my blood work that I couldn't get done from the 15th. It was much easier this time.

Ok..well, I finally was able to get ready, and shop for Anker, and bake, bake, and bake again! I even gave some baking to some neighbours, cause I am nice, like that.

I had to work until the 22nd (that day, too), and I spent the 23rd getting ready to go. I finally found some pants that fit me that that were long enough for me, and I did some shopping (for gifts). Like I said, I baked, and baked. It was fun...I really love doing that sometimes.

The morning of the 24th, Anker and I got ready to go. The one good thing of having NO SNOW, was that the ro…