Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Town, and other complaints

Don't Say I didn't warn you!!

I woke up this morning with what I hoped would be a productive day..I really haven't done much. I did throw a load of laundry in the wash, and I did sweep and mop the floor, but the bathroom should get cleaned, and our living room should get vacuumed, but I don't feel like doing it today. Yes, I am lazy! I usually have Saturdays as my cleaning and home day..but I am just not into that...I am finally getting rid of our Christmas decorations, which have been in containors since, well, CHristmas. WIth our having a storage space (anker's bike parts are in our house storage), it's not as easy to get stuff/take stuff back..oh least when it's gone, we don't have to look at it.

I really wish we had a bigger place. I look at people's blogs and pics on facebook, with a tinge of jealousy..our place is a dump compared to theirs...oh well..such is life. I am not artsy at all, so I can't just go and make stuff to put on our walls, or make nice blinds...although am wishing that I could paint a wall or two.

Back to the title of this post...Most of the time, I really like where we live. It's not too big, has a nice (fairly) major mall, the traffic isn't terrible, and it is a nice place..however, there isn't much to do..especially if you don't have a lot of money. In the summer, it's not as bad..we can go the park, or a walk, etc..there is the farmers' market, Music in the Park. In the winter, however, there isn't much. We don't ski, and movies are fun, but there aren't many that we both want to see (I did see The Kings Speech, which was fabulous). We don't do the theatre, and although going for coffee is nice, it does get a bit tiring after awhile..I mean, how much coffee can you drink? Usually Saturday night is Date Night. Usually, we (I) make dinner, I grab a movie or two, and we stay home and watch movies and eat supper. That's fine..once a month..but neither do we want to go and spent $$ on dinner, and/or a movie. We don't get many invites out, either (but we also don't have many people over, so maybe that's our problem), so that isn't an option, and with no family here, we just can't say we are coming for dinner...:) Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't have to be totally free, but low cost would be great!! Right now, the plan is for Anker to make dinner, and we may go out for dessert..we'll probably rent a movie...but at least we have gone out.

That being said, we did go out last night for dinner w/ my aunt and her boyfriend (they paid, which was sweet). We went to a motel restaurant, which was really good!

I also wish I had a few close girlfriends..yes, I do have them..but they are usually pretty busy...either w/ their kids, or I don't get to see them as often as I'd like...I really need a girls' night...badly.

Enough complaining for now....Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Point Form

My blogging friend, Amber does a random thoughts post in point form every Tuesday, so I wanted to do it..I have a couple of times...and I like it...

I think I keep up with too many blogs. I don't really know how to delete a blog that I am following, well, I do, but it seems too much of a chore to delete it.

I have been disappointed in french fries lately. The only ones I really like are McDonalds. I don't even like Wendy's much any more.

My friends and I went to watch "The King's Speech" on Sunday. It was really good. Today, I learned that it got 12 Oscar nodds. This makes me happy.

I really want to start reading "Anne Frank's Diary". Maybe if I spent less time on Facebook, I will get to it.

We still have our tree and some decorations in our house. We have to take them to the mini-storage.

I think I have strep-throat. It feels like I burned my throat (as if I have drunk a hot drink). My friend told me that that was to ST feels like. Lovely.

I love having 3 days off. Usually, Fridays are my errand days, Saturdays are my stay at home cleaning, and relaxing days, and Sundays are my church and total nothing days.

Our car went on the fritz last Wednesday. I had taken it Mr. L@be to get it's oil changed, and it wouldn't start as I was about to leave. It turned out that the starter had gone. $450 later, we got her fixed. Yesterday, we got the oil send unit fixed...I hope this isn't the sign of things to come...we have been very blessed w/ this car..really, not a lot of problems.

I tried a new doctor, but I don't like her, so I will stick w/ my same doctor.

I have the genetic markings of CF...grr..Anker needs to get tested next.

I got my U/S done today. I asked the tech if the cyst was still was, and it had gotten bigger. I will have to call my cancer specialist in a week, to see what she wants to do, if anything.

I have been busy visiting two ladies from my home church the last few days. One has left (she may return, as she wasn't feeling well this evening), so it is just one now. I feel really bad, as she doesn't have a lot of visitors..her husband has been in, but he has been sick, so I am sort of just trying to do what I can do to help out. If I am sick, though..I won't be going.

I think the last few weekends have been good. I really can't remember...went to BP one Saturday night...spent some time w/ my mom and sister two Saturdays ago, and I help my sister get her grad dress.

My friend started working at the same place I it will be a great time, for sure!

I also got a raise at work! This makes me happy:)

We got Tier 3 Cable (again) this past week. If we can't afford it, we will cancel it, but it is nice to have TLC, Food Network, amongst our other fav. channels.

Will you all posted!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Forgotten...

I wasn't going to blog tonight (I was actually just going to shut down and head to bed), but I thought I would quickly post what happened the last few days.

I wasn't going to post this, but I figure, this is a place where I can update, and share my thoughts and, why not?

A few days ago (Wednesday), I took a pregnancy test. I have taken them before, but it has been awhile (a year, maybe??) since I took one. I was late. I haven't been late for awhile. I was hoping. Praying. Thinking. Maybe. I was excited!! I didn't have any symptoms, so I was pretty sure I wasn't, but a lot of women don't have any symptoms, so I thought.."why not"? So, I bought a test, took it in Starbucks (well, in the bathroom, of course!), and nothing happened. I realised later that I did it wrong. Not wanting to waste it, I did it later that night at work. I peed in a cup. It was negative. I was sad. Not crying sad, but still sad. This was the first time a long time that I really felt the need to get a test. I was carrying it in my purse, and I just happened to look at it again, when I noticed a faint second line (it is suppose to be a '+' sign..).I thought..maybe?? I even went to my friends' blog, b/c I remember reading about a faint line she had on a (now) positive pregnancy test. I got excited again. I planned to take it on Friday. Well, I didn't need to. Again, I was a bit sad...but not surprised. The second is saved for another time.

Now, on the the title of my post....

One of the bad things about Facebook is that you know when everyone is pregnant, sharing stories, pictures, etc. Don't get me wrong..I love it..and i am happy for them..but it does get a bit tiring after awhile. I am tired of always having to pretend that I am happy for them, when I really, my heart is sad. I often don't look at pictures of their babies (at least at first) b/c it is too hard. I don't think I am as popular or likeable person, b/c I am not a mom. (I seriously think this sometimes). I am also getting tired of people congratulating single moms. Sorry..I am sure that I will make some enemies over that comment, but I just don't have it in me to congratulate single moms right now. But that is for a different day...

Ok..again..back to the title of my post...

I was laying in bed last night..not really praying, but sort of...and I was asking God to help either take away the desire for me to have a baby, or give us one. I was praying about some other, I was thinking back to when I was single, and crying b/c I wasn't married. I remember saying to God (and to anyone else who would listen) that he had must have forgotten about me, b/c all of my friends were married, and I wasn't. Well, we know the end of that story, don't we? I realized that God didn't forget me then, and he hasn't forgotten about me now. I don't know where this "Baby Chapter" in our life is going, or where (or when) it will end. Maybe we will never have a baby..maybe we will...but I know that God hasn't forgotten about me. He LOVES ME! Being a mom doesn't make you a better person..just like Marriage vs's just different. Anyway..babies are messy....

Had a good weekend...took our tree down...just relaxed, and lunch out with a friend today. Totally relaxed for the rest of the day..I had a nap:) Pure Bliss!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes, I am a bad blogger!! I was hoping to blog before Christmas, but I never ended up getting around to it. Remember when I was asking "Where are you, Christmas?" Well, I finally started getting out of my slump (or whatever it was) a few days later, so I managed to get enjoy getting ready for Christmas.

I finally was able to finish off the rest of my blood work that I couldn't get done from the 15th. It was much easier this time.

Ok..well, I finally was able to get ready, and shop for Anker, and bake, bake, and bake again! I even gave some baking to some neighbours, cause I am nice, like that.

I had to work until the 22nd (that day, too), and I spent the 23rd getting ready to go. I finally found some pants that fit me that that were long enough for me, and I did some shopping (for gifts). Like I said, I baked, and baked. It was fun...I really love doing that sometimes.

The morning of the 24th, Anker and I got ready to go. The one good thing of having NO SNOW, was that the roads were perfect. We picked up Isaac's (Anker got his name) Christmas 8 week-old puppy, who he ended up naming Ginger. She was pretty good on the ride over. Even though we got a travel kennel for her, I held her the entire time..I just love puppies. There was hardly any traffic, which really surprised me. We had to hide her and Adam's, so Isaac wouldn't (obviously) see her.

Had a nice Christmas eve. Mom made clam chowder, and that was the only meal (other than Christmas Dinner) that we all had together. Anker went and fell and hurt his back (he is better now..he's still a bit sore, though), and was down for the rest of the evening. Our church had a Christmas Eve service..the first we've had in about 30 years. It was a nice service, but Anker couldn't attend, so I was a bit grumpy.

Came home and had egg nog, and visited. Helped with the stuffing, and by then Anker was feeling better, so we went and visited Aunty Valerie and Uncle John. It has always been at tradition to visit Val (then her and John) at Christmas Eve. We also usually go for a walk, but b/c of the C. E Service, and b/c there was so much ice (which thankfully, melted the next day) we didn't go. Came back from V&J's and finished up the stuffing, which had long since been abandoned.

Christmas Day was nice...It's different not having any little kids long it was the younger siblings, and until a few years, ago, we had young kids BEGGING to open gifts, etc (and no adults, of course!!), so it was nice to have to rush into anything (although we did put up a "fight" to have to wait until 9 to open

Had our communion, and then we opened our stockings, and had breakfast. Dad and Isaac fed sheep, which is usually spread out the night before, but we had to divert Isaac, so we could get the puppy and wrap her up. Isaac was SO surprised to see the puppy!She pretty much spent the day in his arms. So, had a nice quiet morning. I got the 13th Season of ER from Adam (who had my name), and a watch and earrings from Anker. We also got some drinking glasses and I got some perfume, as well as various small gifts. The rest of Christmas Day was nice. Made and had dinner..yummy, as usual...and played some games, and watched one episode of "Columbo" that Mom gave Dad.

The rest of the time was spent visiting, and watching TV. Had a nice visit w/ Mom, and also saw my aunty June a couple of times. Visited Aunty Valerie and Uncle John. Had supper with friends and watched "Inception". Ended having a girls day with my sister on Boxing Day after church. Grabbed some lunch and went "Boxing Day" Shopping at the only place that was open..Fields! Read abit, and just generally relaxed. (not that I don't do that at home!)

Came home on the 29th, and just hung out and relaxed for the next few days. We stayed home for NYE, and watched ER, and had Chinese food. Anker didn't want to navigate the roads, and I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home with him. New Years Day, I ended up visiting some friends. Church was the next day, and we had friends over for supper. We were given a turkey (along with other stuff) from our church, and we wanted to share it w/ someone. It was a nice evening, but I sure was tired after.

Our neighbours have moved out! At least, I think so. This makes me happy.

So, we've had snow the last few days..I love it, but I hate driving in it.

My throat feels odd tonight. I am hoping that it is just burnt from my hot chocolate that I had this morning.

Back to work on the third.

I finally got the results from my neuro about my Spinal tap results, and I don't have MS..this also makes me very happy!!

We did go and watched "Dawn Treader" and we really liked it.

That's all for now...Hope everyone had a great NY!!