This Town, and other complaints

Don't Say I didn't warn you!!

I woke up this morning with what I hoped would be a productive day..I really haven't done much. I did throw a load of laundry in the wash, and I did sweep and mop the floor, but the bathroom should get cleaned, and our living room should get vacuumed, but I don't feel like doing it today. Yes, I am lazy! I usually have Saturdays as my cleaning and home day..but I am just not into that...I am finally getting rid of our Christmas decorations, which have been in containors since, well, CHristmas. WIth our having a storage space (anker's bike parts are in our house storage), it's not as easy to get stuff/take stuff back..oh least when it's gone, we don't have to look at it.

I really wish we had a bigger place. I look at people's blogs and pics on facebook, with a tinge of jealousy..our place is a dump compared to theirs...oh well..such is life. I am not artsy at all, so I can't just go and make stuff to put on our walls, or make nice blinds...although am wishing that I could paint a wall or two.

Back to the title of this post...Most of the time, I really like where we live. It's not too big, has a nice (fairly) major mall, the traffic isn't terrible, and it is a nice place..however, there isn't much to do..especially if you don't have a lot of money. In the summer, it's not as bad..we can go the park, or a walk, etc..there is the farmers' market, Music in the Park. In the winter, however, there isn't much. We don't ski, and movies are fun, but there aren't many that we both want to see (I did see The Kings Speech, which was fabulous). We don't do the theatre, and although going for coffee is nice, it does get a bit tiring after awhile..I mean, how much coffee can you drink? Usually Saturday night is Date Night. Usually, we (I) make dinner, I grab a movie or two, and we stay home and watch movies and eat supper. That's fine..once a month..but neither do we want to go and spent $$ on dinner, and/or a movie. We don't get many invites out, either (but we also don't have many people over, so maybe that's our problem), so that isn't an option, and with no family here, we just can't say we are coming for dinner...:) Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't have to be totally free, but low cost would be great!! Right now, the plan is for Anker to make dinner, and we may go out for dessert..we'll probably rent a movie...but at least we have gone out.

That being said, we did go out last night for dinner w/ my aunt and her boyfriend (they paid, which was sweet). We went to a motel restaurant, which was really good!

I also wish I had a few close girlfriends..yes, I do have them..but they are usually pretty busy...either w/ their kids, or I don't get to see them as often as I'd like...I really need a girls' night...badly.

Enough complaining for now....Happy Saturday!


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