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Christmas Friday Favourites!

Weekends don't mean much to me anymore, since I work shift work, but there IS something about a Friday. Especially when it's a pay day Friday....and one you have off from work.

A few other people were doing Christms-related/themed Friday Favourite posts, so I thought I would do the same...

Here are some of my Christmas-related Favourites!

1. Christmas Trees/Christmas Trees Lights
I love Christmas trees. I have a bit of a thing with them. I take pictures of random trees. Love them. I LOVE looking at the lights on the tree, especially night, when they are the only lights in the room, and they glow so bright.

2. Parties and get-tog ether's.
I went to two Christmas parties this week. I love the decorations, the ambiance, the food.

3. Baking, Drinks, Food
I am probably the only one in my age bracket who lives in N. America that loves fruit cake. And plum pudding. And mincemeat. Plus all the other fun Christmas-y baking items that flutter around. Not to mention the fun drinks that …

Tired and Overwhelmed (but NOT in the way you may think!)

As I typed the title, I nearly deleted it. I mean, do I really want to write all of my thoughts out and air them in blog-land? I actually (as much as you may think I may do) don't air/write everything out. I get a lot of blog posts in my head that don't make it out to the blogosphere. I usually let them roam around in my head for a day or so, and if they are still there when I decide to blog, then I (might) wright them down. If not, or if I decide that they are a bit too..oh I don't know..personal, and not helpful, or blog-worthy, then I don't write about them. I also may decide to write them b/c part of why I blog is to show people that life ISN'T perfect. I don't have perfect style, we are not finanicially well off (or even "OK"), our house is far from magazine-worthy, and I am not thin and not all that pretty. Oh, and we don't have kids.

At any rate...these are just some of my thoughts for this day...

I am tired and overwhelmed. Last night, I w…

Blog Crush

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

I hope today finds you not too crazy, fairly happy, and a (semi) smile on your face. Or at least relatively sane!

I was on someone's blog a few days ago, and they were talking about their "blog crush"; you know what I mean...the one who has the perfect life; children, style, house, husband, or th eone who writes so eloquently, and it got me thinking...who is mine? Well, I have a few...

I think my #1 Blog Crush would be Kelly @ Kelly's Korner. I love her humour, and her style, and of of course, he girls Harper (LOVE that name!), and Hollis (never heard it..but kind of cool), and they are going to have a BOY in April. I love that her styles, traditions, and lifestyle are so much different than mine (Her; Southern US, me: Canadian). Plus her dog, Dawson, is pretty sweet, too. Go and check her out! I also love Andrea @ Babe of my Heart. She has three bio babies, and 2 that grew from/out of her heart. I love this lady. She and her hubby just bo…

SUYL: Christmas Tour of Homes

Linking up with Kelly for this years Christmas Tour of Homes!n I did this last year, and it was kind of fun; both doing it, and linking up, b/c it boosted my blog a bit :) So when Kelly said that she was going to do again, well, I HAD to join!!

A Martha Stewart I am not (HA! Far from it!), but I DO love decorating for Christmas!!! THAT is when my inner MS comes out!!!

So, in particular are some pictures...
This picture I used on/in/for my post past year..I didn't take one this year, but it is the same, and it hasn't moved all year. True Story.

I realise that these are similar pics...but I couldn't chose just one!

                                           I have shared this before..the top of our bookshelf
                                               Christmas decorations in our bedroom.

This is our bookshelf. Not sure what happened to our Fake Elf on the Shelf. I see that he is hiding or fell off!
 The Christmas lights. I will try to take a picture from do…

Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday

Happy Sunday!

Yea, a couple of days late...oh well.

Here is what I came up with for my five faves this week...

1. Christmas Nights Out:

Refer to my last post for more information.

2. Bible Reading Plans.

I have been a You Version Bible App lover for a couple of years now, and I have just started in the last few months doing some reading plans. I don't read them every day, but I LOVE having the plans as a way to read the Bible without not being bored.
I am reading 3.5. right now. I also just finished A Christmas Story Plan. The .5 is one that I started at Easter, and I didn't finish it. I will finish it sometime.

3. Baking Days (which turn into late night baking nights).

The other day (Wednesday, I think?), I spent the day baking. I baked three batches of cookies; Gingerbread, Shortbread, and Russian Tea Cakes. They were all so good.

                                           Don't they look tasty? I think so. So does hubby.

4. Late Nights.

I am convinced that I am part owl. Or…

(Christmas) Nights Out!!!

Christmas parties have been begun around this part of the woods. If you know me, and have followed/read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I love a good party!!! What Rev. Elton say in "Emma"? "A party is a party, but a Winter/Christmas party is divine" Or something along those lines.

Last Saturday, my work had their Christmas party. It was drinks and appies at the local pub...oh, ad Karaoke. Anker still wasn't feeling well, so I went alone, I didn't push him, since he wasn't feeling well, he wouldn't have known anyone, and he would have found it really loud. I went, though, and I had a fun time.

I only took a few pictures, but here are the two I will share....
                                Me all glammed up. I was wearing make up and everything!
                  I forgot to take pictures at home, so I took some in the bathroom at the pub.

I had a fun evening, and it was fun seeing people outside of work, and meeting people who work wi…

Oh Hey, Friday!!!

I was hoping to link up with the girls for Five on Friday, but I was a tad slow (read:lazy), and the link is now closed..but OHF is still open, so I thought I would still do a post for that...

Linking up with Amy and  Karli

1. Christmas Cups.

I have FINALLY drank coffee from my local coffee houses coffee cups; McDonald's, Tim Horton's, and of course, Starbucks.

K, so that last two where posted after I would have done a Friday post, but hey, work with me!!

2. Warmer weather

After a bit of a cold snap, it has FINALLY warmed up! Almost a little too much! As I said on my FB status today..."We are having a lovely Spring this Winter". All the snow has melted. LOL

3. Family and Friends That Show Up.

Not going to get into all of it...but let's just say that family and friends have been showing up lately Just when I needed it.

4. Our Christmas Tree is FINALLY UP!

 Again, this actually was finished JUST NOW, but it WAS up and mostly decorated on Friday. We just put a few f…