SUYL: Christmas Tour of Homes

Linking up with Kelly for this years Christmas Tour of Homes!n I did this last year, and it was kind of fun; both doing it, and linking up, b/c it boosted my blog a bit :) So when Kelly said that she was going to do again, well, I HAD to join!!

A Martha Stewart I am not (HA! Far from it!), but I DO love decorating for Christmas!!! THAT is when my inner MS comes out!!!

So, in particular are some pictures...
This picture I used on/in/for my post past year..I didn't take one this year, but it is the same, and it hasn't moved all year. True Story.

I realise that these are similar pics...but I couldn't chose just one!

                                           I have shared this before..the top of our bookshelf
                                               Christmas decorations in our bedroom.

This is our bookshelf. Not sure what happened to our Fake Elf on the Shelf. I see that he is hiding or fell off!
 The Christmas lights. I will try to take a picture from down below this week but these are what I got from our apartment.

                                    We got this tree from our neighbour this year. Love it.
                                This is all I did in the bathroom, and I just got the soap today.
                                          Again, similar to the one above, but a bit different.
             Our headboard with the lights. Yes, that is a Blenz coffee mug (hello, Christmas cup!).
 I have had this up all year, prior years, but I had put this away last year, so I was happy to bring back out this year. Our neighbours gave this to us a few years back.
                                           Our neighbour gave this to us this year. Love it.

                                                             The tree during the day.
                                                      Vintage Christmas ornaments.
                                                               A distance picture.
 The top of our Christmas tree. I bought the ribbon (can you see it?) at the dollar store, and when I got home, I realized that it matched the angel. Hubby arranged it so that it was coming from the angel.
                                                          A ornament close us shots!

                                                             The bottom of the tree.
The side table. I have a blown glass ornament, and in the vase, I put some of Anker's beads that we found. The two ornaments (the one on the right), are a bit heavy to put on tree, so I use them as table decorations.

It took us over a week to COMPLETELY finish our tree, but I am SO glad we did. I may do a bit more decorating, and I will put more pictures on the blog. I  bought a couple of table clothes from the dollar store, and I plan to get those on tomorrow, and will take more pictures when they are ready. I probably could have gone this season with out doing any decorating, but since we are cleaning (and getting rid of) our storage unit anyway, I decided just go ahead and do it. I will add a bit more (either to this post or on another post) pictures when I get the tables picture-ready. I may even take a few more pictures of our tree (close up of lights and ornaments included). I took all these pictures with my Smart Phone. I am very impressed. I gotta say. Thanks for "visiting" me! I hope you enjoyed, and that I proved that you CAN decorate with cheap/free items!


damickey said…
Your Christmas decor is beautiful. I especially love the snowmen display. I am stopping over from Kelly's Korner. If you get a chance, stop by #36. Happy Holidays!

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