Christmas Friday Favourites!

Weekends don't mean much to me anymore, since I work shift work, but there IS something about a Friday. Especially when it's a pay day Friday....and one you have off from work.

A few other people were doing Christms-related/themed Friday Favourite posts, so I thought I would do the same...

Here are some of my Christmas-related Favourites!

1. Christmas Trees/Christmas Trees Lights
I love Christmas trees. I have a bit of a thing with them. I take pictures of random trees. Love them. I LOVE looking at the lights on the tree, especially night, when they are the only lights in the room, and they glow so bright.

2. Parties and get-tog ether's.
I went to two Christmas parties this week. I love the decorations, the ambiance, the food.

3. Baking, Drinks, Food
I am probably the only one in my age bracket who lives in N. America that loves fruit cake. And plum pudding. And mincemeat. Plus all the other fun Christmas-y baking items that flutter around. Not to mention the fun drinks that get made this time of year. Don't forget the food! Turkey, stuffing, yams, Cranberry sauce.

4. Presents
Gifts are my love language. I love giving and receiving gifts. I love gifts. Buying/giving/receiving. 

5. Time with Family
I love time with family (most of the time! LOL). Playing games. Eating. Visiting. Laughing. Playing in the snow (when there is some), and generally just having a good time together.

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