Christmas and New Year's Wrap Up

Wow..yes, I am a few weeks behind. I just didn't have the incessant need to blog the second Christmas and New Year's finished. Plus, I was too busy and tired to even think about it. Ha! I have like a million pictures to post, and lots to, here we go!

I survived two week so crazy! I survived, and better yet, so did everyone else! Btwn work, family stuff, and all around craziness, it was BUSY!!! Our tree is still up; that's how busy I was.

So, I will start with the the 21st, and give a quick run-down on our couple of weeks. Then I will add pictures...

This Christmas was an interesting one. Mainly because I worked a lot of it, including Christmas Day. I have NEVER worked Christmas Day before. I have worked Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day, but never C-Day. It was also a partially brown Christmas. Most of our snow that we did have had all but melted, which was great for driving (I hate winter driving). We got our snow after Christmas; the 27th, to be exact.

Sunday, the 21st, I worked all day. Monday, the 22nd, I cleaned up the house, as we had a friend stay with us for the night. She was on her way to Vancouver (flying), and wanted to get in before the snow came. We had a nice evening; she took me for supper, and we spent the evening relaxing, and chatting. The 23rd, we hung out for the day, and Vicki and I ran some errands. I think we grabbed lunch while we were out. Anker drove her to the airport, and I went to get some sleep before work. I worked the night of the 23/24, which I think went ok. Came home and slept for a bit, and Anker and I grabbed McDonald's for supper. And we had the Holiday Share Box. Extra yummy. Then off we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It was a very nice service, and A LOT of people came, which was great. It was nice to see people, and wish them A Merry Christmas. Came home and relaxed and watched the first have of FROZEN, and went to bed. On Christmas Day,  I woke up early (well, we both did), and opened the gifts from each other (it wasn't much), and then it was off to work for me. It was a good, but busy day. Came home and relaxed for a few minutes, and then we went to our friends for dinner. We had a lovely time, and came home around 9. On Boxing Day, I went to work, and then came home and relaxed. I think we watched the last half of FROZEN. Yes, my husband likes that movie. I spent the evening organizing the Christmas gifts (just stocking stuffers this year), and wrote some Christmas cards, while watching a Christmas movie or two...and fell asleep at 1 am.

The next day, before going to my parents', I made a quick trip to the dollar store, as I found out the night before that I had no stocking stuffers and a few other people didn't have very much, so I quickly grabbed a few more things. Then we hit the road.The roads were ok, but not great. Thankfully, our friend let us have the use of her vehicle, which was such a blessing. One really cool surprise that Seth brought his girlfriend and her sister. It was fun seeing them again (they used to live in Vavenby), and made everything the merrier. We stayed in the B&B, which we both love. We had a lovely afternoon/evening together. We opened out gifts, and had a lovely supper together. Just relaxed in the evening, which was great. Sunday, was spent with family; eating, relaxing and visiting. My sisters and I even had a wine time. And that's when we had our white Christmas.  it snowed for nearly 24 hours non stop? It started the 27th (it started when we got to Clearwater), and it kept snowing until Sunday night. Saturday night, I went over to visit my aunt and uncle, and we had just started visiting, when the power went out. Thankfully, they have lots of candles.We had such a fun time together in the glow of the candles. Went back to the cabin and chilled for a bit, and the power came on at 11. We left the next day, and the roads were pretty good. Came home and just hung out for the rest of the day.

I worked the 30th and 31st (both nights), so it was basically just filled with my sleeping, and eating. And working. I did watch a few movies on the 30th; some of the Christmas movies that I hadn't had time to watch yet. New Years Eve was really nice, despite my having to work. I slept, and then woke up to a lovely spread that Anker had made. We watched a couple of movies, and ate finger food. Yum. Went to work, and came home New Years Day, and pretty much chilled the whole day.  I did to my friends/neighbours for a coffee and a visit in the evening, so that was nice. Friday, was pay day, so I ran around doing errands, that may or may not have included the current weekly magazines and Starbucks; came home, slept and went to work. Yesterday was pretty much the same. Now, I am off for a few days. And I am done. And tired. The tree and decorations are still up. They may or may not get taken down this weekend.

I also got over a touch of the flu. I got it yesterday (Sunday), and it got worse. I didn't throw up, but I sure felt bad. I just now tried to eat something, and I couldn't even eat it all. Drinking fluids seem to be ok, though.

Well, I guess that sums it are some pictures....
 Montana's Chicken and Waffle sandwich. I never thought I would like C&W, but I had tried it a few times, and I actually thought it was pretty when Montana's had this on their menu...well, I HAD to try was very good!

 What we got.
The opened gifts under the tree.
 Anker bought me some cute little slippers.
 He made this beautiful glass necklace.
 The road going home...just outside of Clearwater.
The back road. So close to home. Love it.

 My parents' tree.

 Anker opening up his gift. He got slippers.
 For "stocking stuffers", we actually made out quite well.
K, not the best camera was being dumb.

 These pictures are a little better.
The dinner was "just" our family, and the aunts and uncles came for dessert.

Plum pudding. SO GOOD!

What is Christmas without a game of Risk? Anker watched the first game, and Sunday afternoon, they played another game, and Anker joined them.

 Hanging out at my aunt and uncles house. I took these just before the power went out.

The power outage!! Lots of candles.
Mincemeat tarts and good.

This is the only picture that I took of the outside (other than one at night) while I was there. It was beautiful.

 The trip home.

New Year's Eve...
Sadly, I didn't get the greatest picture...but I wanted to document the evening.

Well, I think that's all the pictures that I am going to share...the other pictures are pretty much the same. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas update!

I also hope that everyone had a very wonderful Christmas and New Year...and that 2015 is a wonderful year!

Leaving you with a Christmas selfie


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