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This is going to be a potpurri of subjects that have been running through my head the last few days. So, instead of doing 6 or 7 posts, and for the sake of time, I thought I would just done BIG post :)

Bare with me, ya'll!!!

-As I get older, I am realizing that everyone has their "stuff". Everyone is going through something. The loss of a parent, cancer, the loss of a baby, tough parenting issues, finances, health issues. NO ONE is living the perfect life, and if they say that they are, they are lying. One thing I can't stand is bright shiny happy people; posting awesome pictures of their seemingly perfect life. I also can't stand it when people move (usually it's from Canada to somewhere in the US), and their lives are all happy. Ugh..annoying. Anyway...we all have our stuff. Life isn't perfect. So, if you are going through stuff, chances are there is someone that you know that is going through the same thing, or worse.

-I have a bit of an addiction of going out and having "coffee". I know partially why I go, but I don't know the whole reason. I think it part is that it gets me out, on my own, and out of the house. I get some "me-time" with no hubby, and no reminders of what I "should" be doing. I also have an addiction to magazines. It has gotten worse. Thankfully, I don't buy a HUGE amount. I defo buy some, but I mainly get them from the library. But yah, I definitely have some sort of thing going on. Ha!

-The shootings going on around Canada and the world is appalling. I actually cannot keep track of them all anymore. We recently had a shooting in Edmonton, AB, where two RCMP officers were shot; one died, and one is injured. Then in December, we had a shooting right here in our town. The officer is still at VGH, and not doing well; at all. Then, I was remiss and forgot to mention the shootings that happened in/at Charlie Hebdo. I may not agree with what they do, but that doesn't mean that I am not sorry that it happened.

-How much to do you reveal in/on your blog? How do you know when to stop saying what is on your mind. Like.Every.Little.Thought? I struggle with that sometime. Then, I remember that I have a journal, and that is where I go to write down every thought.

-For those who go to church; do you ever get distracted with OTHER things other than worshipping? I am finding this to be hard; concentrating on the worship, and being distracted with/by other thoughts. This is has been happening to me for, well, ever. It's not like I don't want to be there, it is just that I usually end up thinking about other things. Some Sundays are easier (or harder, depending on how you think of it), than others. Sometimes, I can really get into the worship, and other times, I am thinking about EVERYTHING else but what I SHOULD be doing! Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do about it?

-I have been finding that it (sometimes) pays to complain. A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to a local Greek Restaurant, and it is usually really good. This time, however, the service and food were less than stellar (that I thought, anyway). When you pay nearly $20 for a meal, you expect good service, and great food. I was the last person to receive their food, and they never even offered to give me my drink for free, extra pita bread, or a free dessert. They even lost ALL of our bills, and had to ask us all AGAIN what we ordered. Pair that with sad parking issues, and the fact that I barely any money after I paid rent, etc, and it made me very grumpy. So, I decided to complain on their page (something, which I never do...complain; whether on their page, or not). The owner (?) finally called me back, and offered to give me a gift certificates. I was VERY happy! I got it today, and I got my meal, plus a few dollars extra back! So, hubby and I are planning to go back (or maybe I will just go back myself..ha!). So, I am very glad that I complained. I am very glad that they gave me something to compensate for it.

-I was thinking of doing a Beauty Haul post, since it seems that EVERYONE is doing it. Well, when I realized that my "beauty haul" is really just water and a wash cloth, and sometimes, some make up, I figured that it would be a waste of a blog post. I am very low maintenance

-All the T@rget stores in Canada are closing. I liked them (quieter than W@l-M@rt), but to be honest their prices never were very good, so I am not overly sad that they leaving. We will, however, losing one less St@rbucks (however, how University now has a real one...not just a store that makes their drinks...good thing that I didn't go back to school this year like I was going to [well, I guess that was last year]!).

-As for an general update on us...we are doing pretty well. Anker has been feeling pretty well, the last few weeks, which has been great. He has been doing some projects (sadly, not cleaning the house..haha), which have been keeping him busy. We have gone and done a few things together; Adam's bday party, supper out, and church, so that has been great. I chipped my tooth somehow, and I got it fixed by my new dentist (who's awesome, btw), and I discovered that it chipped again...and it is a bigger chip, too. I have an appointment on Friday. I got it fixed for free (yay!), and I hope he will fix it again for no charge. I have been doing some more "pinning" these days. Is Pinterest still popular? Does anyone do it anymore? There are not as many comments on the pins as there used to be. Does anyone else still Pinterest? I have also met with friends for coffee (I did that today, and I am going to do that right now, actually), and of course, work. I am loving my new schedule. I love that I HAVE a schedule! It is nice, since I can actually plan things now. I love it. I also have attended an aqua-size class. It was fun (even though I woke up very sore the next day!), and I actually sort of enjoyed it. It was great going with friends, too. I think I am going to go about twice a week. I am also having fun seeing new pictures of my little niece, Lilah that her momma has been showing. She is precious, let me tell you! I already sent her and her older sister a little Christmas/Baby shower GC for them to share, so I hope they find something for them to enjoy.

I guess that is all the randomness for this week! I am also linking with Tiffany for this weeks


Kristi said…
Probably my best technique for staying focused at church is to take notes. Sometimes, I will still think of other things, but those other things are generally ideas on how to implement what is being taught. (I don't always take notes, but when I do, I generally get more out of the talks, and tend to remember them longer.)

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