Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday!

Happy New Year!!!

I will try to make this a short post, b/c it took me forever to write the Christmas one!

Here are some of my current favourites of the new year...

(I realize that a few of these happened technically after Friday, but oh well)

1. Downton Abbey

Yes, it is back! I watched it last night, and I have to admit, it wasn't as exciting as I was hoping..and I am finding that there are too many characters...but it's still a good show.

2. Night Shifts.

Ok, I don't really like doing them, but I DO love watching stuff on my laptop while I am doing what needs to be done. These last few nights, I watched a bunch of movies, ER, FRIENDS, and Big Bang Theory. And I get to sleep during the day.

3. Prolonged Christmas

It is still Christmas at our house. I don't have the energy to take down our stuff. Plus, I like the pretty lights. I am still watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music.

4. Wine

I have discovered wine. I have never really liked wine, but I have found a few that I like, and I really love the blush ones. SO GOOD. I love Jackson Triggs, and Gallo Family wine. It tastes like juice. Yum!

5. New/Returning TV Shows.

Celebrity Apprentice, Grey's Anatomy, and a few other shows are coming back. There were also a few other ones that I remember thinking that looked cool. Can't remember what they were, though.

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