Five on Friday/Oh Hey, Friday

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is going swimmingly.

Here are a few things that I found interesting/my favourites this week.

1. Socks.
I love socks. Now, don't get me wrong, in the spring/summer/fall, I HATE socks. I will wear flip flips, go barefoot, whatever it takes to NOT wear socks, but during the late fall, through to early spring (and any day that is not even remotely warm), I LOVE me some socks. But not you regular old run of the mill socks....they have to the fun/holiday ones! I buy socks the way some people buy shoes or purses. I clearly have a problem. I decided to lay out all my socks, on our bed the other is what I came up with...
Yup...just a few. I buy socks according to each holiday that is approaching. I actually want to get a few socks for spring/Easter this year. I also have a few socks that aren't holiday-related, but that just have fun designs on them. I do have some "regular" socks, too. But they are usually the shorter ones, and not the tube-type.

2. An Excellent Blog Post

Everyone once in awhile, I come upon a blog post or blog really touches my heart. I came about t his kind of earlier this week. Someone posted on/in one of the infertility/childless groups a wonderful blog post written from a mom's point of view. I LOVED it. I checked out her blog, and I have started following it. Here is the link/blog post. I Could Have a Baby, But she could Not.

3. Outrageous 911 Calls

If you've ever watched the TLC Network show "Outrageous 911", you've probably laughed and groaned. Well, I only thought this kind of stuff was in the States.  Sadly, however, this stupidity exists everywhere. I had to laugh when I first saw headline "Hello, 911? Can you fix the coffee shops broken Wi-Fi"? on line, then when I saw the article in our local paper. I laughed so hard. Go here to check the top 10 reasons to NOT call 911. You'll grab a laugh, and probably a few groans.

4. Christmas All through the Year

I have a few items that I use/wear even if/when it isn't the Christmas season. I have some mugs that I use, as well as I wear my Christmas socks. I also have Christmas PJ's that I wear, too (though not in the summer, since they are very warm.though I do wear them when/if we go camping). I even have kept up a few decorations during the past years...just because I can. I love that feeling of merriment, or something, all during the year. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me? I will take some picture of our "Christmas corners" for an upcoming blog post.

5. Hard Work Pays off

I got a temporary position at work! I am so excited! Not sure on how long it will be for, but hopefully, for a couple of months. I took the written test three times, for three different positions (including this one), the it never worked out for me to get the position. Until this time. My boss called me Thursday evening, while I was at A and K's. I was SO happy, and ecstatic that I got it. I will be working 47.5 hours bi-weekly, which is perfect for me right now. I officially start it on Tuesday.

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