Snow Day!

I have had a few posts mulling around in my head, mostly those about on infertility, but frankly, who wants to read another depressing post?

So, I thought I would share some pictures from/of the last 24 hours. was considered a SNOW DAY, and it looks like tomorrow will be as well. Now, we Canadians are no strangers to snow...we can plow our way out of (almost) anything; we will send our kids to school despite the chilly temperatures; we run (well, I don't, cause I am not crazy, but others do) during the long, cold winter months; we don't think twice about driving anywhere in any condition (well, I actually don't like winter driving...but other people don't seem to worry about it)...but these last couple of days have been CRAZY! Schools were closed...a lot of businesses were closed; it has been a mess...and we HAD to go out today. I asked hubby very sweetly if he would drive me, and he said yes. I am SO glad he did, cause it was awful. The roads were packed, and it has snowed on and off day. Thankfully, the worst of it was after I got home yesterday from work, but even then, it wasn't great driving. Thankfully, it only took me a few minutes longer than normal to get home. are some pictures of what it has been like...we had literally dig our car out today..and we slid a few times, got stuck in a parking lot, and took three tries to get up our driveway. Thankfully, we have two, as the first one was impossible to get up. Today was an adventure, to be sure. There were cars slipping and sliding; it wasn't pretty.  There is also more snow called for tomorrow. Oh goody. Thankfully, I am not scheduled to work tomorrow, so I am declaring tomorrow a PJ day. are the pictures

The Weather Network/Channel has nothing on these...

Looking out/through our living room window.

 These were taken today. I actually went out on our deck to take them.

 Yes, our lights our still up. And yes, that's snow on our balcony. And yes, it's that high.
 The roads today.

 Where my appointment was.
 Our car. Oh goody.

 The cars in our complex.

So, yup, it was a snow day! I got so chilled, since the bottom of my pants were SOAKING wet! Yes, I don't really have proper boots. So not very Canadian of me. I only have some nice dressy boots. I had a pair of boots, but I never used them, so I gave them away...or are they in our winter bin? I am not sure. Perhaps I need to dig them out/up again? If I don't have them..then I have a serious problem...will have to try to find a cheap pair, I guess. But by then, I am sure the snow will be gone, or at least lessen.


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