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Blogs: What Draws You?

I often wonder what draws me to follow a blog. I wonder what draws people to mine. I only have 31 followers, which is ok. I don't really mind the lack of followers; I just like to get my message of infertility out there. But when I go to check out blogs (for whatever reason), and I see they have thousands of followers, I wonder what the blogger has that I don't (or do). I DO know what draws me to follow a blog.

Here are a few...

Friends. As long as they update (I have had to delete a couple of my friends' blogs b/c they never updated, they get a follow from me. Hands down.

Canadian. If they are Canadian, I follow them. Hands down again.

Christian/Faith-based. I love me a Christian blogger.

Infertility. I have been looking up and following a few blogs who deal with infertility. I like seeing other ladies who are in the same boat as me/us.

Real: I love the ones where the ladies don't have it all; they have the messy house, know what it is like to not have mon…

Friday Link Ups

Happy Sunday! Yes, I am well aware that I am SLIGHTLY behind. Oh well.

Since I haven't posted my "favourites" in the last couple of weeks, I may have more than 5...soooo, let's get to it!!!

1. New "neighbour" Blogger:

I just discovered this today! Kara is a lady who I connected with on Twitter. We had a few tweets, and I discovered her IG account, and then I found out that she has a blog. Oh, and did I mention that she lives in the same city as me? I of course, added her to my long list of bloggers! (I follow WAY too many!)

2. AD. The Series/The Series AND Devotional:

First off..I LOVE the AD Series! They are on IG, FB, Twitter, etc. I think even Pinterest! I also saw the Dateline NBC episode when/where they interviewed Mark and Roma (you know, my friends, Mark and Roma!). (and yes, I could link up all those three, but I don't feel like it). Anyway... in partnership with Lifeway have created a devotional series. I am loving it.…

Guys Behind the Blog/April

Linking up with Betsy for this month's Guys Behind the Blog.

 As usual, hubby won't participate, so I will be answering the questions to the best of my ability.

1 // Has Starbucks ever spelled your name wrong on a cup? If yes, what's the craziest way that 
someone has spelled it?
No, but other people have. Also, they usually ask on how to spell it, and/or I (April) usually have to spell it for them.

2 // Who would play your wufe/fiancee/girlfriend in a movie or TV show about your lives?
No idea (even I can't think of K, I am thinking now maybe Drew Barrymore? Hubby has always thought she was cute.

3 // What is your proudest accomplishment?
Probably making me his wife, and his bike that he is almost finishing.

4 // What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas...and probably Canada Day (July 1st), b/c it is warm.

5 // What is your favorite breed of dog?  If you don't have a favorite breed, describe the characteristics of your ideal dog (or cat)! Border C…

A Quick Post

Yes, I am still alive! I just haven't been into blogging much...or too busy..don't know what to say, or just not feeling the blogging vibe! I will go through the blogs that I follow, to get inspired, and I WILL be excited..but then I decide that I don't want to do a post...I get thinking that I HAS to include pictures, blah, blah...! I know it doesn't have to be perfect, but, well, you know..I THINK it does! I have missed out on the last two Friday and Tuesday link ups, which makes me sad, but oh well, right?

We are doing well...we are in the throes of PACKING! We found a place! We are both so excited! Today was our first full (semi) day of packing. Anker has done a fair amount, which has been great. I have been either too lazy or at work to start. Ha! I am getting rid of LOTS of stuff. This week has gone by not so fast. Yup, just being honest. It's been ok, though. I worked Wednesday, and ran a few errands after, including a few groceries, and Anker and I had chic…

My Views and Thoughts on Easter

I hope you all had a good Easter Long Wknd. Probably yours was better than mine! I had to work it all but Friday. Ha! Actually, it wasn't all bad. It wasn't that bad of a weekend, actually, though I did wish I was at my parents', and outside more than I was. Oh well.

Friday, Anker and I went to our church's Good Friday Service. There were actually 12 churches that came together, so that was fun. It was a full house. I am SO GLAD that we got there early, so that we could get a parking space, and a bum space. Adam and Co were there, so that was fun. H hung out with this during the last half of the service, and he ate chocolate eggs and Tic Tacs from my purse. You do what you can to keep them quiet, right?

Afterwards, Anker went to CT while I just stayed in the car. I dropped him off, and went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, including magazines and movies (more on that in/on my previous post). I went to Starbucks and I just chilled for awhile. I got a text/FB message fr…

An All Over the Place Post/Friday Link ups

This post is going to be all over the place. There are lots of little ITTY BITTY thoughts running around in my head, and instead of doing a bunch of tiny posts, I thought I would do a long(er) one.
(I know that normally, people..myself about what happens BEFORE..or at least ON Friday, but I started Friday, and I just finished April 6 at 12:24, well, you know....who cares)

Good Friday:

Watch It's Friday, but Sunday's a Comin. This was posted on one of the blogs that I follow;Kelly posted this this morning...and I had seen it before, but I always love to watch it again.

Resurrection Buns:

Every year for the last few years, I have wanted to make Resurrection Buns. My mom made them a few years ago for children's church, so they are sort of for kids, but who says that kids get to have all the fun? Well, since I don't "do" (aka: bake) bread, and I have to work all weekend, I sort of went on Pinterest to see if there was any shortened version…

We're the 1 in 6

A while back, I came across (again) this video  on someone's blog.  It is Kelly Coffey's "I Would Die for That". I had seen it before, and I LOVED it, and as I listened and watched it again, there is a part where the couple is holding a sign, and that says they are 1 in 10 couples who are infertile. I decided to find out what the stats were of infertile couples were in Canada, which I found wer 1 in 6. Imagine the irony, then, when, the other day, I was up late (as usual), and was trying to find some info on infertility bloggers and (if any) infertility photographers, when I stumbled up Infertility Awareness Association of Canada's website (which was probably where I got my information, and when I had posted-but not started on-the title) only to then go to their FB page, where I FORGOT that I had "liked it", AND then to discover that they are doing the #1in6 Campaign! They are doing the hashtag on ALL Social Media, to bring light to infertility. It is…

Infertility Boxes

I was inspired by Stacy and Hannah (both BLM's) when they mentioned on their blogs about giving away "BabyLoss Boxes". At first, I thought that it was a bit silly (sorry, just being honest here), but then I got to thinking..."if baby loss families could get boxes, what about infertile couples?" I have mentioned on here before, that infertile couples (especially women) find it hard to let go, to grieve, in part because we don't have anything tangible to remember our loss (yes, it a loss, and don't anyone else tell you [not] otherwise). We don't have a grave to visit. We don't have the clothes we bought for them to wear for their first/last pictures (and depending on when/how they died, brought them home in). We don't have special toys, etc. We don't have the shadow boxes. And that makes me sad.

 Now, please bear with me, this is a new thing (I am sure). I have NO CLUE as to where I could go with this. WHO would I give it to? Would they ev…

Where has God Called YOU?/Let's be Friends Blog Hop

I have a few blog posts running around in my head, and a few of them even have a title to them, and are saved as a draft. That is as far as I have gotten. I know...lots of ideas.

Lately, I have seen people's posts about being "called" to go here, and/or do this. That's lovely. For them. I wish I could go to Africa and love on some babies in an orphanage. I wish I had a job where was working with kids. That is why I even went into this field. Clearly, however, it was hard to get a job working with kids. When I got the job where I am now, I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. A few months into, it, however, and I started to really love it..and I knew that that is where God wanted me to be.  Sure, it's not that glamourous of a job. It is a tough job (though not so very hard), I am not gonna lie. But I think this is where I am to be right now.

Because of health reasons, we can't go to other countries. But we can stay here, and we can help …

Yes, my name is a month (and it's annoying) !

In case you don't know, or have missed it, or really haven't cared to check/find name is April. Yes, I am named after a month. No, I wasn't born in April. No, I wasn't named after anyone. THEY JUST LIKED THE NAME,  PEOPLE!!

I actually don't mind my name (most of the time); it is unique, not everyone has it, and (most of the time) everyone knows how to spell it. I have seen some odd ways of spelling it...Aypril. Aprile., Ayprille, Aprille....the list goes on. I am not even kidding. How and WHY would you mess like a classic like that? Anyway...I wish I shared my name with someone cool, but I don't (though Avril Lavigne is ok..and there's always April Wine).

But there are times when I really don't like it. It is a PAIN. Every year around March, people start talking about the month of April (scheduling, etc)...and I ALWAYS turn my head, cause I think they are talking to me. It's annoying. People make fun of my name ALL THE TIME. Especially duri…