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I have a few blog posts running around in my head, and a few of them even have a title to them, and are saved as a draft. That is as far as I have gotten. I know...lots of ideas.

Lately, I have seen people's posts about being "called" to go here, and/or do this. That's lovely. For them. I wish I could go to Africa and love on some babies in an orphanage. I wish I had a job where was working with kids. That is why I even went into this field. Clearly, however, it was hard to get a job working with kids. When I got the job where I am now, I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. A few months into, it, however, and I started to really love it..and I knew that that is where God wanted me to be.  Sure, it's not that glamourous of a job. It is a tough job (though not so very hard), I am not gonna lie. But I think this is where I am to be right now.

Because of health reasons, we can't go to other countries. But we can stay here, and we can help those right next door. We will never be able to foster and adopt, also due to health (and financial) reasons. And, we certainly will never have bio babies (yes, I do realize that miracles DO happen...and that we shouldn't put God in a box, but I am also being a realist). That isn't our calling. I am not even sure if my/our calling is to "love on" other foster and adoption families. Anker is battling a chronic illness, and I am working, so that really limits on what we can do. I feel that my calling is, at least for now, my job. I think our calling isn't so much a "what" or "where" as it is an attitude (k, i find this funny, b/c the last statement was totally random...and not thought out..at all...but I blv it to be true!).

I also believe that it is my calling to blog...not just about our daily lives, but also to put a voice and to shed light on / to infertility; to reach out to those who are hurting...and not just in infertility department; lesser known chronic illnesses, less-than-perfect lives (finances, etc). And not just in our blog...on Facebook...and in the real world...church, work, family, etc. I believe that God wants us (well, me, since Anker is definitely not "there" right now), to give a voice to these issues. And guess what? I think that's pretty darn cool. I'm ok with that!!!!

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