Blogs: What Draws You?

I often wonder what draws me to follow a blog. I wonder what draws people to mine. I only have 31 followers, which is ok. I don't really mind the lack of followers; I just like to get my message of infertility out there. But when I go to check out blogs (for whatever reason), and I see they have thousands of followers, I wonder what the blogger has that I don't (or do). I DO know what draws me to follow a blog.

Here are a few...

Friends. As long as they update (I have had to delete a couple of my friends' blogs b/c they never updated, they get a follow from me. Hands down.

Canadian. If they are Canadian, I follow them. Hands down again.

Christian/Faith-based. I love me a Christian blogger.

Infertility. I have been looking up and following a few blogs who deal with infertility. I like seeing other ladies who are in the same boat as me/us.

Real: I love the ones where the ladies don't have it all; they have the messy house, know what it is like to not have money coming from both ends. You know..the real people.

Adoption: I will often follow adoption mama blogs. Although I find it hard to see them happy, and with their babies, I do love reading their stories.

Ex-Pat/Missionary Blogs: I have followed ex-pat and missionary blogs. I do tend to find that MOST EP kids are a bit spoiled to the lavish life, and are a bit rude (just from what I have read on their moms' blogs), but I do enjoy seeing different parts of the world. Missionary blogs (though not many around..sadness!) are awesome as well, as they provide a totally different way of seeing things.

Link ups: Ones who do link ups that are of interest of me are ones I follow.

Return Followers: Ones who follow me (usually) always get a return follow from me. That's just good manners. I also have that policy on Twitter (usually), IG, and Pinterest

Farmers/Ranchers: Anyone who is on a farm/Ranch will almost automatically get a follow from me. Bonus if they have sheep!

Home-schoolers: I was home-educated, so I love to read about what/how mama's today are home-educating their kids.

About the blog it self:

I look for blogs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I don't like when blogs are too "busy", but not too boring (ok, mine is, but I do try to sort of make it pretty). I like when there aren't a bunch of posts all over the blog. Not sure how to explain it, but when they are not seemingly in order, it makes it confusing. I like a more linear view of the blog. I tend to not follow style-only, food-only, or decorating-only blogs. They are too boring (IMHO). I also don't tend to follow blogs who have multiple writers/authors, though I am following a few. And obviously,  I follow them if they get updated fairly frequently. I like blogs that have good printing; if they are too small, then I tend to not follow them. Like at least once a month. If the blog writing is too...odd...too quirky, too satire, and just plain doesn't make sense (for me), I won't follow it. I also won't follow blogs where you have to join a Google Circle. What IS a Google Circle, anyway? I tend to follow blogs where/when they have a low-amount of followers.

So, that's what draws me to follow blogs...what about you?


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