My Views and Thoughts on Easter

I hope you all had a good Easter Long Wknd. Probably yours was better than mine! I had to work it all but Friday. Ha! Actually, it wasn't all bad. It wasn't that bad of a weekend, actually, though I did wish I was at my parents', and outside more than I was. Oh well.

Friday, Anker and I went to our church's Good Friday Service. There were actually 12 churches that came together, so that was fun. It was a full house. I am SO GLAD that we got there early, so that we could get a parking space, and a bum space. Adam and Co were there, so that was fun. H hung out with this during the last half of the service, and he ate chocolate eggs and Tic Tacs from my purse. You do what you can to keep them quiet, right?

Afterwards, Anker went to CT while I just stayed in the car. I dropped him off, and went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, including magazines and movies (more on that in/on my previous post). I went to Starbucks and I just chilled for awhile. I got a text/FB message from my friend saying that our ladies coffee group was meeting up at 3 at McDonald's. At first I wasn't going to go, but I thought I should, since I was off. I had a nice time with them, and my friends grand-daughter, Evelyn! She is PRECIOUS! I came home and hubby was working on something that a friend had given him to try to fix. I got caught up on show on our PVR. Grey's was good (though not the greatest episode) and Y&R. And I am sure more, but I can't remember. I also made Resurrection Buns. Well, the short version. They did not turn out well, but they tasted awesome, so who cares, right? I went to bed late, as usual.

Saturday, I worked a 12 hour shift. It was good, though..and fairly relaxing. We got to sit outside for 2 hours at a friends birthday party (it was gorgeous ALL WKND), and then we had Chinese food for supper. Yum. Sunday, I worked another 12 hour shift. I went to Wal-Mart with a client, and we enjoyed a snack and McD's (if you aren't hungry, but want something small, order the Happy Meal. I have done that a few times, and I LOVE it. And yes, if the toy is good [which it wasn't this time, so I didn't get it], I do get it. Cause you have to have the whole experience, right?). We washed, gassed up and vacuumed the van. It was a lovely day for a drive, so I didn't rush back. I grabbed Tim Horton's on the way, b/c I was needing a French Vanilla. We had our turkey dinner at 5:30, which was yummy. The rest of the night went well, but I always come back VERY tired! I actually came straight home and laid on the bed for about 15 minutes.

So, that was our wknd. I know...exciting, right? But you know what? Other than being sad that I didn't get to go home and see my family, it wasn't a big deal. As I have said before, Easter has always been a funny/awkward holiday for us. Because it usually falls in April, my family haven't done much, since it is the busiest time on the ranch. The sheep are having their babies, so everyone goes full-tilt.

**********This next part was written on April 14/14, I was hoping to get this up in time for last weeks Tuesday Link up, but I didn't end up getting up there in this will be up on/in this weeks Tuesday Link what if it's a little late, right?**********

So, back to my thoughts...Spiritually, it has/is VERY important to us, as Christians. It is the day when Jesus rose from the grave. So, please don't get me wrong when I say it hasn't been that big of a holiday. It is just that it has always been a busy month. We never had Easter Egg hunts, a huge dinner, special/fun outfits, etc. It was never important to us. My parents always told us that Easter was about Jesus, and NOT about the Easter Bunny, eggs, etc. Though b/c it does usually all in April, during the lambing season, there is always NEW life, and yes, the we would often have baby chicks, so that was find of fun. Sometimes, we would have a ham dinner, and in later years, especially when it fell in March, Mom would make a Seder supper, and we would sometimes have a lamb dinner.

I think that Easter has become too commercialized. WAY too much. I don't like on how it has become about gifts, chocolates and eggs, and bunnies. Yes, Christmas has become too commercialized, too...but at least there seems to be a message, even among those who aren't Christians. And at least there was a Santa Clause. Too many kids think that Easter is about the egg hunt, and the Easter Buny. Case in point: My nearly 4 yr old nephew thought that Easter was about the Easter Bunny laying eggs. My almost 3 yr old niece, a couple of days after Easter, went to go out to look for chocolate, when her mom, said that Easter was over, she promptly replied "then I'll go look for Easter". Cute, but way off.

***Clearly, I am too busy to have finished this! It is now April 16/15***

Well, it is now two days later...and I am STILL working on this post. I have either been too busy, or am just not into it. At any rate...I think I have said what I meant to about Easter. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the physical part hasn't had much meaning, and is being focusing WAY TOO MUCH on silly things that have nothing to do with Easter. I also find it funny that it used to be initially about fertility! Ha! At any rate....those are my thoughts.


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