Yes, my name is a month (and it's annoying) !

In case you don't know, or have missed it, or really haven't cared to check/find name is April. Yes, I am named after a month. No, I wasn't born in April. No, I wasn't named after anyone. THEY JUST LIKED THE NAME,  PEOPLE!!

I actually don't mind my name (most of the time); it is unique, not everyone has it, and (most of the time) everyone knows how to spell it. I have seen some odd ways of spelling it...Aypril. Aprile., Ayprille, Aprille....the list goes on. I am not even kidding. How and WHY would you mess like a classic like that? Anyway...I wish I shared my name with someone cool, but I don't (though Avril Lavigne is ok..and there's always April Wine).

But there are times when I really don't like it. It is a PAIN. Every year around March, people start talking about the month of April (scheduling, etc)...and I ALWAYS turn my head, cause I think they are talking to me. It's annoying. People make fun of my name ALL THE TIME. Especially during the month of April. I see my name EVERYWHERE! Especially since in the month of April, my family's sheep have their it is a VERY busy month. Quite often, I will say "My name is April, but I wasn't born in April", Just to get it out there, and done with. And yes, I have heard it all. It is actually really frustrating, and even a little hurtful at times. It just gets old. It was really bad when I worked in the calling industry (made phone calls, rec'd phone calls). I would say "My name is April", and they would make some joke about it. And don't even get me started on the mean names they would call me (yes, even my siblings, but they get a free pass, b/c they are supposed to do that). And there is my middle name. I only tell a few people, b/c the name has been ripped apart. I hate it. I don't mind the name as much now, since I have gotten older, and also, cause I visited the castle of the same name. My aunt is named June (which was why I wasn't named June...the month of my birth), and she was born in June. I am pretty sure that she has bared the brunt of a lot of jokes. It is funny, though...b'c sometimes she and I will be together, and someone will say "we have an April and a June, now we just need my aunt May." Yes, yes, hilarious...can you tell I am laughing?

Anyway..just a funny little rant about my name :)

Happy Hump Day!


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