Infertility Boxes

I was inspired by Stacy and Hannah (both BLM's) when they mentioned on their blogs about giving away "BabyLoss Boxes". At first, I thought that it was a bit silly (sorry, just being honest here), but then I got to thinking..."if baby loss families could get boxes, what about infertile couples?" I have mentioned on here before, that infertile couples (especially women) find it hard to let go, to grieve, in part because we don't have anything tangible to remember our loss (yes, it a loss, and don't anyone else tell you [not] otherwise). We don't have a grave to visit. We don't have the clothes we bought for them to wear for their first/last pictures (and depending on when/how they died, brought them home in). We don't have special toys, etc. We don't have the shadow boxes. And that makes me sad.

 Now, please bear with me, this is a new thing (I am sure). I have NO CLUE as to where I could go with this. WHO would I give it to? Would they even be received? Where I would I deliver to? Doctors' offices, obviously, but who/where else? Infertility clinics? Churches? Counsellors' offices? What about baby showers, where we would KNOW that a childless mama would be there? What about to/on any awareness walks/events, like RESOLVE, Endometriosis, PCOS, etc. What would go in them? A verse (Bible and/or not), maybe some figuring/decoration/Christmas ornament, maybe the infertility ribbon (there is one, isn't there?), and maybe a gift card to a nice restaurant, and/or to a photographer (I think Hannah had put a pamphlet about NILMDTS), that could do some sort of a infertility-related photo shoot, the list goes on (or not...I seemed to have run out of

I am not sure if I will even get to it...but maybe something that I could do for my own friends/people that I know who are struggling..just a thought...what do you all think?


terbez72 said…
If you can sew, or just want to donate, get involved with 'Angel Dresses', started by a lady in SK. They make dresses out of old wedding gowns, for babies who have passed away (stillborn, miscarriages, prematures etc.).

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