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Happy Sunday! Yes, I am well aware that I am SLIGHTLY behind. Oh well.

Since I haven't posted my "favourites" in the last couple of weeks, I may have more than 5...soooo, let's get to it!!!

1. New "neighbour" Blogger:

I just discovered this today! Kara is a lady who I connected with on Twitter. We had a few tweets, and I discovered her IG account, and then I found out that she has a blog. Oh, and did I mention that she lives in the same city as me? I of course, added her to my long list of bloggers! (I follow WAY too many!)

2. AD. The Series/The Series AND Devotional:

First off..I LOVE the AD Series! They are on IG, FB, Twitter, etc. I think even Pinterest! I also saw the Dateline NBC episode when/where they interviewed Mark and Roma (you know, my friends, Mark and Roma!). (and yes, I could link up all those three, but I don't feel like it). Anyway... in partnership with Lifeway have created a devotional series. I am loving it.

Every week, in accordance to the episodes (at least that what I have observed), they bring out/up another devo plan. Love it. Even though I may be a bit behind, I am really enjoying it.

3. New Jammies:

Ok, they may not be TOTALLY new, but they are my newest jammies that I have. I love them...they  only have spent time in my drawer for a total of 10 minutes, they are either on me, or in my dirty clothes, or getting washed/dried.

4. New Make-up:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my friends, and had a Mary Kay facial. I wasn't going to buy anything, but I was about to get paid, and I love you know...
LOVE it!! I also got the eye make up for free, as well as the bag. I got the cream eye shadow, which I LOVE, and foundation, which I normally hate, as it usually makes me look like a corpse. I tried it, though, and I really like it. And of course, the good old Satin Hands cream is always a winner.

5. New Chatelaine:

Ok, so this (as well as the others that I have talked about) came a couple of weeks ago, but hey, it makes me happy.

6. Free Magazines:

This wknd, I decided to forgo my usual (but not EVERY week) stack of magazines. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and I saw their Free magazine, which is now being displayed in the aisle (as opposed to being on/at/in the chCanadian Health Magazineeck out). I love getting them. They are so interesting, and colourful. I also got Canadian Health Magazine, which I haven't seen in quite awhile (it's usually in most drug stores, and hospitals, etc). So, that was kind of fun.

7. Excellent Selfies:
 If I do say so bottom was taken two Sundays ago, and the top one was taken today.

8. Days in the Sun:
I have been able to spend a few days (even if it just for a half hour or so) sitting in the BEAUTIFUL weather. This was taken last week (last Tuesday) in our local park. It was such a beautiful day! Monday, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but I was too busy before work to enjoy it. Tuesday was almost as nice.

9. Greek Food (and date with Hubby):

Over a week ago, after looking a place, hubby and I went for Greek food.
It was ever so yummy. Then on Tuesday, after signing for our new place, we had Chinese food. It was very good.

10. Spanish Rice:

I made Spanish Rice for the first time ever the other day. It turned out really well. I even had to substitute some of the ingredients. I used this recipe, and I would defo make it again.

11. Lilacs:

The lilacs are out! They are usually out later at the ranch, so I am STILL not used to them being out in April. Love it. I picked a few while I was at work, and I put them in a cup. Such a lovely smell.

12. Lambs:

I got to cuddle some cute lil lambs a couple of weekends ago. I will do a post on our visit there soon...or never...depending on if I get to it. Ha!

Well, that's what happened in the last couple of weeks with us!!

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