An All Over the Place Post/Friday Link ups

This post is going to be all over the place. There are lots of little ITTY BITTY thoughts running around in my head, and instead of doing a bunch of tiny posts, I thought I would do a long(er) one.
(I know that normally, people..myself about what happens BEFORE..or at least ON Friday, but I started Friday, and I just finished April 6 at 12:24, well, you know....who cares)

Good Friday:

Watch It's Friday, but Sunday's a Comin. This was posted on one of the blogs that I follow;Kelly posted this this morning...and I had seen it before, but I always love to watch it again.

Resurrection Buns:

Every year for the last few years, I have wanted to make Resurrection Buns. My mom made them a few years ago for children's church, so they are sort of for kids, but who says that kids get to have all the fun? Well, since I don't "do" (aka: bake) bread, and I have to work all weekend, I sort of went on Pinterest to see if there was any shortened version (ok, I don't know if I actually went on looking for a shortened version, but when I typed it in, this recipe came up. Well, I JUST NOW made them.

Pinterest's picture:
 ***********this next part was done today April 5.******* How mine turned out: Eh..good enough. They actually tasted quite good. Hubby had more than his fair share. I think I need a new baking pan. I had bought one, but it was too big for our oven.

 Cadbury Creme Eggs:

Can you blv that I have only had ONE large (I have had a few small ones) creme egg this year? And it was VERY good! Don't you all just love their new wrapping!!??

Turkey Dinner:

We had our Turkey Dinner on Friday night...thanks, Hungry Man!

Magazines and Movies:

I bought this week's rag mags (I don't do that every week, due to finances, etc), and April's Good Housekeeping. I also found and picked up for $10 a pack of four movies from Wal-Mart. They are Biblical-era movies, including THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. I am watching it now as I type.

There's a Motorbike in my House!:

I am probably THE most tolerant wife around, cause there's a motorbike frame in my kitchen. Normally, I WOULD NOT put up with this..BUT since we are moving (hopefully to a place with a yard, or least another room that he can work on/in) in a few months, I am letting him do it. Besides, it gives me an excuse not to clean or cook, right?

 Yes, that's our kitchen and kitchen table.Thankfully, we never eat in there.
Spend-free Days:

There were a few days this last week where I didn't spend ANYTHING (other than gas). I am trying!!!

Great Friends, Great Conversation, and Great Food:

I visited with my friend the other day. We had a lovely visit, and she gave me yummy gingerbread cake. With rum sauce. And Ice Cream.

Down One Follower:

I am down one follower. Boo. Only 31 followers. It does make me a little sad, though. Oh well.

Am I doing the right thing?

I constantly (as in every day, every hour) ask myself and the Lord if I am doing the right thing. Work, life, etc. The next big decision is where/when to move. Should we rent? Buy? SO many decisions. I guess this means I am a grown up. I am always worried that I am doing the wrong thing. I am worried that I will make the wrong decision. Even semi-big desicions, like, should we go to Vancouver (well, more like when), and how and where/when to spend our money. But mainly, it is the work/moving ones that have me always mulling things over.

Well, that's the way I/we saw the world this past week!

(I don't know if I will do the weekly updates. I know you're all missing them, but I tend to blog enough, especially on/for the Friday Link ups and the Weekend Wrap Ups that I think that I update everyone enough with our mundane life).


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