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Friday Link Ups/10 Things of Thankful

1. My RAP on my SL has been approved. So, another 6 months of not having to pay it back!!!

2. Our Noisy/Rude Neighbours are Moving!!! Both sides of us are odd, but the weirdest ones are moving out. Actually, he is apparently gone already, and she is moving out soon!!!

3. FMC Site is almost up and Running. And then, my blog post that I sent will be published. Then, we will be famous. Or something.

4. Time at The Ranch. It is Tuesday, and I am at the Ranch as I type this. I love me some time in/on/at the Country. My parents are in AB for a few days, so, it is fun not having them here. I mean, I miss them terribly!!

5. My Grandpa is doing better. He fell a week ago (?), and we were all really worried about him, as he fell two years ago, and it set him back. Thankfully, he is doing quite well. He is still in the hospital, but he is walking, and visiting quite well, which is awesome.

6. My Sister is Safe. She went on her first tropical vacay for a week, and with all natural disasters, and …

Weekend Update/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

A recap on my (our) weekend.

Friday: I got up early, packed up and headed to my friends to look after their dog for the wknd. I got there around 9 am. After they left, I went to McD's for breakfast. Came back and hung out for a bit. I took the dog out for a walk, then went to my friend's place (I hadn't been to their new place yet), and we visited along with another friend for an hour. I think I went to the library, then to our place to grab my sleep machine, and visit with hubby for a bit, then back to take the dog out. I watched Frasier (season 2), and a movie, called Endless Love, which wasn't too bad. I took the dog out again, then went for Chinese food. I had bought a bottle of wine when I went out to grab the sleep machine, so I had wine (well, Spumante), and Chinese food for supper. Yum! I think I watched Frasier, and then I started on The Spectacular Now, which is another not bad movie. I went to bed around midnight (after taking the dog out for his final "…

I Confess....

I may use this for 10 on Tuesday one week, but I am going to blog and publish it now. A lot of people are doing "Confessions" posts, and I was (well, for one week) linking up with a blogger, who now has gone private, due to someone stealing her pics, and pretending she is her. Some people, they ruin it for the whole bunch!!! But, I totally get it. The SM world can be creepy. Anyway...I had a post written on paper, so I thought I would still post it...cause you know...for ratings :) I actually think I have done one of these (without linking up) before. goes...

I Confess....

I am a Crazy Cat Lady.Yes, I have taken 100's of pictures of our cats, and now kitties. Blame it on the fact that we don't have kids. And you know, what? I don't even care that I do post too pictures!!

Talk to Myself. Cause you know..I need expert advice. I also use in the form of a prayer. It actually helps. I also think out a crazy way, it does help. But I am not crazy. Hone…

10 On Tuesday-My 10 Fave Apps

Linking up with this weeks 10 on Tuesday with Karli.

1) Facebook
2) Instagram
3) Pinterest
4) Twitter
5) The Weather Network
6) Starbucks
7) Flashlight
8) Cineplex
9) YouVersion Bible App
10) Country 103

There are other apps that I have on my phone...imDB, Clock, MyNight Out, Wikipedia, among others, but these are my top 10.

So, grab the button, and link up, and share your 10 explanations needed!!!

Friday Faves

This was going to be for last wks FF Link ups, buuuut, I didn't quite get to it, so this will be for this wks. So, they are a bit old..but still current (if that makes sense.
I am dog-sitting my friends dog this weekend. I plan to do nothing but eat, sleep, maybe go out for coffee with my friends tomorrow, watch movies, and take the dog out for bathroom breaks. I actually started this morning at 9 this morning. I also have a bottle of Spumante with my name on it :) 

Bras (on sale, and that fit)
Two Sundays ago, I bought two bras that were not only on sale, but fit....and they are pretty. Because I am larger, and well, larger....I find it VERY hard to find bras that "fit" all three categories. Pennngtons had a great sale on, I had a couple of hours a couple of weekends ago, where I was able to go and check them out. I found two, and with the gift card that I got from my aunt at Christmas, plus $35 for each one, well, it was less than $60 for two.

Hubby (feeling …

10 on Tuesday - 10 (more) Shows I love

Linking up with Karli for another edition of 10 on Tuesday. Since I clearly watch WAY too much TV, and it was getting longer and longer, I thought I would revamp last weeks list, and add them to this weeks.

1) DWTS,
2) Motive
3) Murder She Wrote
4) Saving Hope
5) Code Black
6) 2 Broke Girls
7) Hot in Cleveland..
8) The Odd Couple
9) This Hour Has 22 Minutes
10) Rick Mercer Report

There are also a few shows on The Food Network and HGTV that I will watch. I also should include all the "classics" that we watched as kids...maybe that will be next weeks!!)

Show and Tell Tuesday: Show us A day in MY Life

I forget that every two weeks Andrea does a Show and Tell Tuesday, with each week being a different "show us" topic. As with most of link ups, I don't join in every single time, but I do enjoy linking up when it is a topic that I enjoy.

I know you're "supposed" to post pics along with it, but I didn't take too many (well, any at all, really), as I didn't go into today planning on doing a post on A Day in the Life, so you will just get text.. Oh well.

So, I will do today, because, well, I feel like it.

4:00: I didn't fall asleep until 4 am, due to my being stressed, my feet hurting, etc.

8:00: I wake up with the alarm. I play on my phone for a bit, and I try to get back to sleep, but I can't, so I just get up.

9:00-11:00: I take a couple of work-related calls (long story), and then chat with hubby about a few things. We talk about my/our options about life, etc. I actually leave the conversation a bit frustrating, so we go off and do our sepa…

Weekend Update

I cannot believe that it is Tuesday night! Crazy!!! I hope everyone's week are/is going well. Ours is going ok...a bit stressed...dealing with back to work stuff, finances, etc. Just keepin' it real, folks!!! So, to be honest, life isn't all lilacs and sunshine! Though lilacs do smell lovely!!! is last wknd's update:

Friday: I mostly stayed home for a good chunk of the day. We watched a couple of movies; Brooklyn, and Taken 3, and I have no clue what I all did. I made a few phone calls, and we watched shows on our PVR, and then I went to the worship service for our pastor and his wife who are retiring. This last wknd was their retirement wknd, so they had a worship night, a banquet on Saturday, and a special service with a potluck on Sunday. After the worship service, they had a coffee and goodie time, and I visited with some people who I haven't seen in awhile. I went on a late-night Wal-Mart run, and came home.

Saturday: We watched Cop Out, and then I me…


I cannot believe that this is post 600!!! That is crazy!!! Not all of them are published, but they will hopefully be very soon :) I also can't believe that I have been blogging for 9 years! Crazy!!

So, for this epic post, I will do a day in the life post. I woke up around 9:30, and did my usual check my phone, etc. Then, I went to play with the kitties :) They are SO CUTE!!! O.M.G :) Almost all of them are spoken for, which is great. Then I settled myself on our bed, and watched two episodes of Dateline, and two eps of JJ (which took forever, since I was talking with hubby). Anker went outside to finish up planting the garden, and I just hung out on my laptop, and FB'd, checked out blogs, and did a few things that I had been neglecting. I did a load of laundry (plus another that I have only washed...I will try it tomorrow, as I ran out of Loonie's), and I moved our winter stuff back in storage. I also cleaned the toilet bowl. I know...exciting! I also did a load of dishes.…

10 on Tuesday-TV Shows I Love

Linking up with Karli for 10 on Tuesday...a list where no explaination is needed :)

This week is my 10 shows that I always watch (either current or off air)/love.

1) The Young and the Restless

2) Grey's Anatomy

3) Big Bang Theory (I have all 8 seasons)

4) Judge Judy

5) Friends (I have all 10 seasons)

6) ER (I have all 15 seasons)

7) Frasier

8) Dateline (or any Investigative Show; 60 Minutes, 20/20)

9) Downton Abbey

10) Call the Midwife

Weekend Update

This past weekend was a bit of a hodgepodge, of sorts. I felt like I got nothing done, nor did I do anything that was blog-worthy, but for the sake of my memory, I am going to blog about it, anyway.

Friday, Anker was still at the ranch, and he was still sick, and I told him that unless he was dying, I wasn't coming up until Saturday, due to my having a girls' night with my friend at my house. I am such a lovely wife, eh? I cleaned up the house a bit, and I spent time in the morning doing some devotions, and of course, I was on my computer, etc. I went and ran a few errands (no library, or Starbucks run for me that day..SHOCKING!). My friend came around 5 or so, and we played with the kitties, watched PRINCESS BRIDE, and ate snacks, and had wine, and of course, visited, and played with the kitties again.

Saturday, I phoned hubby, and he wasn't feeling well, AT ALL, so I had a shower, and grabbed a few things for the road (that may or may not have included a Starbucks drink …

Friday Faves

Hello, Ladies!!!

Here are my five fave of the last couple of weeks.

1) I got a new LG4 phone over a week ago, as I was getting tired having to charge my battery multiple times of day, and having issues with the charging cord. Since a batter charged almost $60, I went to Koodoo, and I upgraded for free. I would say that I am about 90% happy with it. There are a few things about my old one that I don't (think) are one this one. And two of my apps are giving me grief.

2) Sahara had her kitties 10 days ago (last Tuesday). They are SO cute!!! She had 6, and one died (boo), so she had 5. She is a great mama, and they are just now starting to open their eyes. H came by on Sunday, and LOVED seeing the new kitties!!!

3) I took H out for coffee for last week. I had to pick him up AND pay for it :) Gee whiz!! He is such a hoot. I haven't really done much with him since VDay wknd, so when I told him that we were going out for coffee while his mom went to a friends house to…

Confessional Thursday (A New Link up!) AKA: When Hubby's Away....

I have been following Jessica on and off for awhile, and I was checking out her blog, since I hadn't been there in awhile, and I discovered that 1), she is pregnant with #3, and 2) she has a new (?) link up called:

So....without further are some confessions about when Hubby's away...

|| I RARELY get the house to myself, for more than a hour, let alone a night, let alone a few nights alone, so to say that I am relishing this, is a bit of an understatement.

|| I may or may not have wine for dinner.

|| I hog the bed with my laptop, and put in Friends, or Big Bang.

|| I had a milkshake for supper last night (though, to be fair is VERY low-maintence, so even if he is here, we may not have much for supper).

|| I worry less about our neighbours (music, you-know-what-smells coming from outside). I don't stress about all that as much.

|| I miss him at night.

|| I can have the big tv for watching my/our shows.

|| I can hog the living room...pray, plan, etc.

|| I can clean…

Show Us Tuesday-Ultimate/Fantasy Talk Show Edition/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Linking up with Andrea for this weeks Show Us Tuesday. This week, we are all talking about our Fantasy Talk Shows. I LOVE me a good talk show. Actually, I USED to...I don't watch them much anymore...but I used to watch them much more than I do. I loved Regis and Kathie Lee/Regis and Kelly/Kelly and Michael. So, when I imagine what my Fantasy Talk Show would be, that would be it.

I imagine that it would be (like I said) very similar to that form. We would be based in NYC, and I would be with another Canadian host; probably either Martin Short or Mike Myers, or Ryan Reynolds...cause any of them are pretty awesome. We would have on ALL Canadian actors/resses (this wouldn't be everyday...but we would probably have something Canadian-related every day).

We would banter for a few about some interesting Canadian facts and trivia, and have a contest (just like on Kelly and Michael), where people can call in, and we would send them to exciting places in Canada, like Lumb…

10 Tuesday-10 Reasons Why I Loved Living on the Ranch, and Why I Love Going Back

Linking up with Karli for this weeks 10Tuesday. A place where we link up, make a list, no explanations or pictures needed (but those are ok, too!).

Top Ten Reasons why I loved Living on the Ranch (and I why love to Go Back).

1) Clean (ish) Air./Clear Skies/Green Grass/Dirt Roads/Rivers/Meadows (yes, I have put them all as one, and you will see why below).

2) Our Own Beach by the River

3) Mud/Puddles

4) Rubber Boots/Puddles

5) Animals/Horseback Riding/Baby Lambs

6) Haying/Tractors

7) Free/Alone Play

8) Growing a Garden

9) Field and Stream Picnics

10) Going Bare Foot

10.1 (Hey, it's MY list, okay?? LOL). Gas. They have their own gas tanks. Love(d) the smell of gas.

10.2) Bondfires/Wiener Roasts

10.3) Lots of Fun, Food, Family, Friends, and Fellowship.

10.4) Activity (lots of it!) ....

10.5)...but there is an element of quietness, too.