Show Us Tuesday-Ultimate/Fantasy Talk Show Edition/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Linking up with Andrea for this weeks Show Us Tuesday. This week, we are all talking about our Fantasy Talk Shows. I LOVE me a good talk show. Actually, I USED to...I don't watch them much anymore...but I used to watch them much more than I do. I loved Regis and Kathie Lee/Regis and Kelly/Kelly and Michael. So, when I imagine what my Fantasy Talk Show would be, that would be it.

I imagine that it would be (like I said) very similar to that form. We would be based in NYC, and I would be with another Canadian host; probably either Martin Short or Mike Myers, or Ryan Reynolds...cause any of them are pretty awesome. We would have on ALL Canadian actors/resses (this wouldn't be everyday...but we would probably have something Canadian-related every day).

We would banter for a few about some interesting Canadian facts and trivia, and have a contest (just like on Kelly and Michael), where people can call in, and we would send them to exciting places in Canada, like Lumby, BC, and Yellow Grass, SK (kidding, but those are real towns, look them up!). We WOULD send them to awesome places in Canada, though.

We would have all Canadian guests :) I love Michael Buble, so we would probably have him on...and Ryan Reynolds (or whoever isn't my co-host). I also LOVE Celine Dion!!! Then, my mom and dad (who would be there...duh!) would come on as guests, and talk on how to cook a good lamb roast, or lamb chops. Since I am horrible at crafts, I would probably have a Canadian crafter./homestylist....whoever that would be (I can't think of one at the moment). I do like Sarah Richardson, or Lynda Reeves, so we would probably either of them on. Oh yes...and at another time, we would have Michael Smith on (not the singer, though he is wonderful...but he isn't Canadian), we would have CHEF Michael Smith, from PEI. He is cute, AND he makes great lobster!! We would probably also have one some Canadian Style/Decorating Bloggers. So, without giving it a lot of thought, those are the people (Canadians) that I would have on.

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