I Confess....

I may use this for 10 on Tuesday one week, but I am going to blog and publish it now. A lot of people are doing "Confessions" posts, and I was (well, for one week) linking up with a blogger, who now has gone private, due to someone stealing her pics, and pretending she is her. Some people, they ruin it for the whole bunch!!! But, I totally get it. The SM world can be creepy. Anyway...I had a post written on paper, so I thought I would still post it...cause you know...for ratings :) I actually think I have done one of these (without linking up) before.

So...here goes...

I Confess....

I am a Crazy Cat Lady. Yes, I have taken 100's of pictures of our cats, and now kitties. Blame it on the fact that we don't have kids. And you know, what? I don't even care that I do post too pictures!!

Talk to Myself. Cause you know..I need expert advice. I also use in the form of a prayer. It actually helps. I also think out loud...in a crazy way, it does help. But I am not crazy. Honest.

I am a Magazine Addict. I used to buy a ton of magazines, and now I have that down to only half a ton! I had TOTES, and TOTES and magazines. I gave them all away. Now, get about 90% of my magazines from the library.

I am a Starbucks Addict. I love Starbucks. It is only place that makes your drink right, and where I can just sit and read, journal, etc (at least on our side of town). I find that most places (Tim's McD;s, etc), don't encourage that, but Starbucks allows you to do that. There is a another place that I go to that is a local coffee shop, but they have changed their format, to more of a cafe, which is fine, but I don't feel that I can stay hang out there for a few hours. Plus, they are actually more expensive. And you get stars (and, I love their new Star System, btw). But, I am trying to curb it, a bit. Because, now, we have no money!

I Love to Sleep In. There is a special place in Heaven for those who get up Early, I am sure. I won't be in there. I LOVE to sleep in!!! I WISH I could go to be at 1, and wake up at 6, but sadly, that is not the case. I need my sleep! But, I have been getting up earlier, which has been good. I actually do love a long day (especially while I am off).

I love to talk Baby Names. Even though we can't have kids...I LOVE talking/thinking/dreaming about baby names. There is just something fun about it.

Not Cleaning/Organizing A Lot On My Time Off. I thought I would have done WAY more cleaning/organizing while I was off. But, apparently, I was too busy reading magazines at Starbucks.

I Miss Work. Just a teeny bit. But shhh...don't tell anyone!!!

I love Carrie Underwood's New Single. I have her CD, Storyteller (I have all of her CD's), and I love Church Bells. I was hoping that it would be new single, and I was happy when I found out it was. There is something about it...very upbeat...that I love. I don't endorse murder, but I do endorse a woman taking charge, and standing up for herself :)

I am A Worrier. I try to give things to God...but then I take them back. It's a game that we play. I am learning to leave things with Him.

I am a Make up Hoarder. For someone who wears make up only a few times a month (if that), I have more make up that anyone else alive (except for maybe the K-shans).

I follow WAY too Many Blogs. I have actually deleted a few a few weeks back. I think I am under 200 now. Seriously, I have a problem.

I haven't Read a Book in Two Years. Well, maybe it has only been a year. I just cannot seem to get and stay focused on a book..only magazines. Does anyone else go through that? I haven't even read a Danielle Steel book since Winners, two years ago.

I Think I have only had 3 or 4 serious walks while being off. Ugh! I am shocked...even for me, that is bad!!


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