Friday Faves

Hello, Ladies!!!

Here are my five fave of the last couple of weeks.

1) I got a new LG4 phone over a week ago, as I was getting tired having to charge my battery multiple times of day, and having issues with the charging cord. Since a batter charged almost $60, I went to Koodoo, and I upgraded for free. I would say that I am about 90% happy with it. There are a few things about my old one that I don't (think) are one this one. And two of my apps are giving me grief.

2) Sahara had her kitties 10 days ago (last Tuesday). They are SO cute!!! She had 6, and one died (boo), so she had 5. She is a great mama, and they are just now starting to open their eyes. H came by on Sunday, and LOVED seeing the new kitties!!!

3) I took H out for coffee for last week. I had to pick him up AND pay for it :) Gee whiz!! He is such a hoot. I haven't really done much with him since VDay wknd, so when I told him that we were going out for coffee while his mom went to a friends house to pick up some plants, well, he was all over that. We had fun drinking our "coffee", and looking at pics on my new phone, then we went to the park for a few minutes.

4) I got some new makeup a week or so ago. I also got my new mascara from Avon. I got a new WetNWild eye shadow pallet, and I got a new Avon Lip Gloss.

5) The weather has been gorgeous. I cannot believe that I wore leggings today, b/c it got up to 26C. I have been wearing capris already, and my flipflops. I have sat outside and enjoyed our yard a few times, too. Hubby has started the garden boxes for his gardening this year.

5.1 I did a bit of baking for everyone at the Ranch last week, as they are in the middle of lambing. I made a Cinnamon Loaf, Starbcuks Oat Bars, and Clean Chcoolate Cookies, none of which turned out great, but Mom said that they were a bit, so that makes me happy!! I was hoping to get a few more done this week (recipes), but I never got around to it. Maybe I will get some more done next week.

That's my five for this week!!


Katie C said…
Lucky you wearing flip flops! How lovely!!! I'm always excited when the weather is nice enough to let my toes breathe :) Hope you've had a great weekend!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

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