Weekend Update

I cannot believe that it is Tuesday night! Crazy!!! I hope everyone's week are/is going well. Ours is going ok...a bit stressed...dealing with back to work stuff, finances, etc. Just keepin' it real, folks!!! So, to be honest, life isn't all lilacs and sunshine! Though lilacs do smell lovely!!!

So..here is last wknd's update:

Friday: I mostly stayed home for a good chunk of the day. We watched a couple of movies; Brooklyn, and Taken 3, and I have no clue what I all did. I made a few phone calls, and we watched shows on our PVR, and then I went to the worship service for our pastor and his wife who are retiring. This last wknd was their retirement wknd, so they had a worship night, a banquet on Saturday, and a special service with a potluck on Sunday. After the worship service, they had a coffee and goodie time, and I visited with some people who I haven't seen in awhile. I went on a late-night Wal-Mart run, and came home.

Saturday: We watched Cop Out, and then I met with the girls for coffee. We played with the kitties, and I went to the library, then I went and got two duvet covers for $10. I went to the park, and sat for awhile, but it was pretty chilly, so I think I just came home, and had left overs for supper, and watched some of FRASIER, and fast forwarded through a couple of movies that were so-so, and then watched two episodes of CHEERS.

Sunday: Hubby wasn't feeling well, so, feeling a bit frustrated, I went alone. I had gotten up earlier, and gone to the store to get an appy for the potluck. I was feeling really frustrated, b/c even though that Anker wasn't feeling well at all, and that he really wanted to come, I was just sad that I had to go to this special service alone. Anyway..I went to church, then the potluck, and then I went with friend and her grandson to the fair that was in town. I came home, and sat outside for awhile. It was a beautiful day. Then, I went to my neighbours (my nice one!) for a visit, and stayed until 10:30. It was a good wknd, other than hubby not feeling well Sunday morning.

How was your wknd?


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