Show and Tell Tuesday: Show us A day in MY Life

I forget that every two weeks Andrea does a Show and Tell Tuesday, with each week being a different "show us" topic. As with most of link ups, I don't join in every single time, but I do enjoy linking up when it is a topic that I enjoy.

I know you're "supposed" to post pics along with it, but I didn't take too many (well, any at all, really), as I didn't go into today planning on doing a post on A Day in the Life, so you will just get text.. Oh well.

So, I will do today, because, well, I feel like it.

4:00: I didn't fall asleep until 4 am, due to my being stressed, my feet hurting, etc.

8:00: I wake up with the alarm. I play on my phone for a bit, and I try to get back to sleep, but I can't, so I just get up.

9:00-11:00: I take a couple of work-related calls (long story), and then chat with hubby about a few things. We talk about my/our options about life, etc. I actually leave the conversation a bit frustrating, so we go off and do our separate things. I get coffee and breaky and go outside to maybe journal, do my devos, etc. I sit outside for an hour an hour so.

11:00: I do some praying/thinking, then I start journalling until about 1 or so. I listen to some music on our stereo. Yes, I still have a stereo, that plays CDs :)

1:00: I leave around this time, to wash our blankets at the laundromat. I end up getting gas, a slurpee, and two taquitoes on the way. I get settled in at the laundromat (around 2), and I text, read one of my coffee table books from the library about DA, and end up taking a couple of calls, etc. I end up meeting a old work colleague and her 8 month old baby, which was kind of fun, so we just chat for a half hour.

4:00: I leave just after 4 (I think), and I end up going to McDs for supper for the both of us. Healthy, no, fast, yes. I come home and we have supper together. I Facebook, and watch a couple of shows (Call the Midwife, The Odd Couple) until I have to to the library at around 6:45. I end up putting a few things on our local FB 24HR Bidding page.

7:00: I get to the library, in just enough time to look around for magazines, before the seminar that I am attending starts. I find a few new ones...yay!!...and a 1 wk loan movie (Spotlight), and sit for a few minutes until the seminar starts.

7:15: The seminar entitled 75 Ways to Cut Expenses, which wasn't that insightful, but it did remind me of a few things.

8:30: I sit at a table and look through another DA book (they are very interesting, btw...I would love to buy them all...there are three...with I am sure another book that will come out, and cover the last season of DA), and then leave just before 9.

9:00: I come home, have a shower, and watch tv (as I am doing at the time of writing this), and do another blog post, and watch Murder, She Wrote, and JJ.

(almost) 11:00...still writing...and still up...will probably head to bead soon :)

Wasn't my day ever so exciting?? :)


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