10 Tuesday-10 Reasons Why I Loved Living on the Ranch, and Why I Love Going Back

Linking up with Karli for this weeks 10Tuesday. A place where we link up, make a list, no explanations or pictures needed (but those are ok, too!).

Top Ten Reasons why I loved Living on the Ranch (and I why love to Go Back).

1) Clean (ish) Air./Clear Skies/Green Grass/Dirt Roads/Rivers/Meadows (yes, I have put them all as one, and you will see why below).

2) Our Own Beach by the River

3) Mud/Puddles

4) Rubber Boots/Puddles

5) Animals/Horseback Riding/Baby Lambs

6) Haying/Tractors

7) Free/Alone Play

8) Growing a Garden

9) Field and Stream Picnics

10) Going Bare Foot

10.1 (Hey, it's MY list, okay?? LOL). Gas. They have their own gas tanks. Love(d) the smell of gas.

10.2) Bondfires/Wiener Roasts

10.3) Lots of Fun, Food, Family, Friends, and Fellowship.

10.4) Activity (lots of it!) ....

10.5)...but there is an element of quietness, too.


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