Weekend Update

This past weekend was a bit of a hodgepodge, of sorts. I felt like I got nothing done, nor did I do anything that was blog-worthy, but for the sake of my memory, I am going to blog about it, anyway.

Friday, Anker was still at the ranch, and he was still sick, and I told him that unless he was dying, I wasn't coming up until Saturday, due to my having a girls' night with my friend at my house. I am such a lovely wife, eh? I cleaned up the house a bit, and I spent time in the morning doing some devotions, and of course, I was on my computer, etc. I went and ran a few errands (no library, or Starbucks run for me that day..SHOCKING!). My friend came around 5 or so, and we played with the kitties, watched PRINCESS BRIDE, and ate snacks, and had wine, and of course, visited, and played with the kitties again.

Saturday, I phoned hubby, and he wasn't feeling well, AT ALL, so I had a shower, and grabbed a few things for the road (that may or may not have included a Starbucks drink and sandwich), and I was on my way at around 12. The trip was GORGEOUS, and it was beautiful at home, too. I stayed an hour or so, I took pics, and said hi to everyone, and then we left at around 330. We ended up taking him to the CW hospital, b/c we were all really worried about him. He had got some sort of food poisoning a few days earlier, but he hadn't been able to kick it yet. They gave him some meds to help with one end problem, and a drink of electrolytes to help him with his dehydration (and an RX of more of both), and we were on our way. I dropped him off, and then I ran out to get a snack, and his electrolyte powder drink, and was back at home at 9 or so...I think I watched tv or something, and then went to bed.

Sunday, I didn't sleep well, due to the thumping next door, so I slept until 9:30, and ended up calling my friend to see about her coming to church with me (her hubby works shift work), and we talked for a half hour, so I didn't end up going. I hung out, played my game, and watched Friday's episode of Dateline (thanks, Mom, for getting me back into that), and then ran out to buy a couple of things that I needed that were on sale. I might tell you what they are on the Friday link up. A coworker came by to look at our kitties; she wants to get two..and then we just hung out for a bit. Our "lovely" neighbours played their music for an hour, and I nearly left, but I took my anger out on FB :) I went through my IG account and deleted a few pictures...and I also watched Hot in Cleveland Season 5, and some of Frasier. Then, I also went through my Blogs (I follow a lot), and got rid of a few that I never read anymore, or ones that are no longer around.

 Hubby is feeling MUCH better, and spent a lot of today (Monday) doing some gardening. My friend, however, is not feeling well, and she is in the hospital. She thinks she caught C. Diff, and poor thing is really sick. I hope she gets well soon...we are all a bit worried!

So, that was my weekend.


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