Confessional Thursday (A New Link up!) AKA: When Hubby's Away....

I have been following Jessica on and off for awhile, and I was checking out her blog, since I hadn't been there in awhile, and I discovered that 1), she is pregnant with #3, and 2) she has a new (?) link up called:

So....without further are some confessions about when Hubby's away...

|| I RARELY get the house to myself, for more than a hour, let alone a night, let alone a few nights alone, so to say that I am relishing this, is a bit of an understatement.

|| I may or may not have wine for dinner.

|| I hog the bed with my laptop, and put in Friends, or Big Bang.

|| I had a milkshake for supper last night (though, to be fair is VERY low-maintence, so even if he is here, we may not have much for supper).

|| I worry less about our neighbours (music, you-know-what-smells coming from outside). I don't stress about all that as much.

|| I miss him at night.

|| I can have the big tv for watching my/our shows.

|| I can hog the living room...pray, plan, etc.

|| I can clean and not worry about throwing things away, or having to "fight" /work around someone in the living room (or outside).

|| I REALLY hate that I have to do the kitty litter.

|| I have the heat down low, and/or the windows open.


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