Friday Faves

This was going to be for last wks FF Link ups, buuuut, I didn't quite get to it, so this will be for this wks. So, they are a bit old..but still current (if that makes sense.
I am dog-sitting my friends dog this weekend. I plan to do nothing but eat, sleep, maybe go out for coffee with my friends tomorrow, watch movies, and take the dog out for bathroom breaks. I actually started this morning at 9 this morning. I also have a bottle of Spumante with my name on it :) 

Bras (on sale, and that fit)
Two Sundays ago, I bought two bras that were not only on sale, but fit....and they are pretty. Because I am larger, and well, larger....I find it VERY hard to find bras that "fit" all three categories. Pennngtons had a great sale on, I had a couple of hours a couple of weekends ago, where I was able to go and check them out. I found two, and with the gift card that I got from my aunt at Christmas, plus $35 for each one, well, it was less than $60 for two.

Hubby (feeling well, and that he loves to garden)
Hubby got sick a week ago, while he was at the ranch. He got better a few days later, only to get sick again last wknd (don't get me started), but he is much better this wk. He LOVES spending time in the garden; he spends hours out there. Sadly, our garden is taken awhile to get started...and he has has to replant a few veggies (seeds), but the fact that he has a garden is so therapeutic for him. He also went with me last night to my brother and sister-in-laws for supper. It was so great to spend the evening with him.

Warm weather
We have had such wonderful weather here lately. Well, not today, as it is cool, rainy and cloudy, but this past week, it has been gorgeous!!! I think it got up to 31C the other day. It was SO warm!!! I spent a few hours in the park...and I have worn Capri's/shorts nearly every day for the last week. I actually usually wear Capri or shorts every day from April - October.

Cute boys in soccer uniforms; playing soccer.
Last Monday (well, two Monday's ago, I guess), I went to watch H play his first ever Soccer game, and let me tell you, that was the most precious thing that I have ever seen!!! I didn't take any pics, but trust me, they were adorable!!!

Praise 106.5 
I haven't listened to it lately, but each time I go to my friends house, she has on Praise 106.5, I am reminded me that I should do the same!!! So, I have listened to it a few times. I love having a Christian station to listen to.

New Make up
I bought some new (yes, more!!!) make up a couple of weeks ago.

The eye shadow in the middle is new...WetnWild's Sweet as Candy. I like it...but I don't think that I would buy their eye shadows again, as they are very hard to open. I bought a new mascara from Avon, as well as a new lip gloss, which I can't remember what it is called, but I do love it. The mascara that I usually buy is brown/black.

I hope you all have a good weekend!!


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