I cannot believe that this is post 600!!! That is crazy!!! Not all of them are published, but they will hopefully be very soon :) I also can't believe that I have been blogging for 9 years! Crazy!!

So, for this epic post, I will do a day in the life post. I woke up around 9:30, and did my usual check my phone, etc. Then, I went to play with the kitties :) They are SO CUTE!!! O.M.G :) Almost all of them are spoken for, which is great. Then I settled myself on our bed, and watched two episodes of Dateline, and two eps of JJ (which took forever, since I was talking with hubby). Anker went outside to finish up planting the garden, and I just hung out on my laptop, and FB'd, checked out blogs, and did a few things that I had been neglecting. I did a load of laundry (plus another that I have only washed...I will try it tomorrow, as I ran out of Loonie's), and I moved our winter stuff back in storage. I also cleaned the toilet bowl. I know...exciting! I also did a load of dishes. I had breakfast, and pretty much didn't do too much. I chatted with a few friends on FB chat, and just enjoyed staying home.

Mom had called around 10 or so, to talk with Anker about something, and then she mentioned that she was probably coming into town to pick something up. She thought we could go out for coffee. A few hours later, she said to find a movie, and she would take me to one...We went to one, which was ok, but not super. We should have gone to Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, but I had already seen it, anyway..the one we watched was ok..it had some funny parts. First, though, we met up at Wal-Mart, where I probably had the shortest shopping trip there ever..I only went there to buy H something for his bday, and Mom found some plants she wanted. Went out for supper, then to the movie. It was a great day. I came home and watched MOTIVE, and relaxed until I went to bed.

Yesterday....I relaxed in the morning, then went and ran some errands.I took something back for Mom, and then went to Starbucks for a frap, and to read some magazines. I went to the library, then came home, and Anker had I had dinner. Anker had spent most of yesterday in the garden, and it was SUCH a beautiful day! I should have gone outside for a bit (well, I did, but not for long) and enjoyed the yard. K had called me, to say that H had his first soccer game. I ended up going, b/c that seems to be the "magic" time where our neighbour likes to blast his music, and why not go and see cute little kids in their soccer uniforms? It was so neat seeing H play...he LOVED it...and yes...seeing little kids in their soccer uniforms is pretty darling. Since I didn't want to come home, they invited me up for a snack, and visit. Anker almost came with me to the game, but he was tired, and I don't blame him..though I told him that we were going to both go next week. H was thrilled that I came, and they thanked me for coming, so I am very glad I went. It was priceless watching him learning fair play/team spirit, etc :) It is mostly a fun thing for them at this point, and the coaches do a great job!! So, after the game, we went up to their house, and visited, and we watched the last half of The Martian, which they had started the night before. I came back around 10, and watched tv, played on my computer and went to bed. I watched DWTS (Go Jodie! Ginger! Nial!), and I changed our sheets, and put on a new (spring!) duvet cover.

Here are some pictures...of kitties and lambs :)

                     Here are some pictures of the kitties from when they were about 2 days old.
                                            From the other day....nearly 2 weeks old.

                                                     The little orphans...aren't they adorbs?
                                                  Look at all those tasty lamb chops :)

                    I love on how things are getting green!!! This was on my walk last  week.
                                                     Hubby has built the garden boxes :)
So, as not to leave out Calico, here is one from last week. She LOVES looking out the window!!!


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