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SUYL-Date Ideas, and a Weekly update

Happy Good Friday, and welcome to my blog! If you are linking/coming from Kelly 's Korner Blog, you will know that I will be talking about date ideas.

My hubby and I have been together for nearly 7 yrs!! We have been married 6 of those. We met online, and married within a year of meeting each other. Probably not the smartest thing I never did, but we did it!
Hubby and I at the Church's Vday Dinner Feb 2013

So, date ideas....I asked him about his favourite date ideas this morning, and he said the same thing I said, which I guess is a good thing! We are usually pretty broke, and boring, so we don't have the most exciting dates, but we do try to get out at least once a week. We find that the summer is easier to get out, as we can grab a Slurpee, and go to our faviourite park and sit by the Bird Sancturary (which is actually a pond filled with birds), and sit and talk. We also love taking road trips together. Some of our best visits have been when we were driving. We also lo…

Since when did Easter become a gift holiday?

Happy Maundy Thursday!!! I am sitting on my bed, with antiobotic drops in my ears, suffering from an ear infection. I went to my doctor on Tuesday, with a sore ear, that was itchy, then sore the day and night before. He said it looked inflamed, and gave me some cream for my excema that was apparently in my ear (I have had an itchy year on and off for years). Well, fast forward today (well, last night, actually) and my ear was throbbing SO MUCH, I could barely think straight. Well, this morning, I woke up around 6, as soon as DH left for work, with my ear is so much pain, that I wasn't sure about going to my practicum today. I really wanted to go, but not in the shape I was in. I laid in bed, glad that @dvil was doing (or rather, trying to) do it's thing. I nearly went to practicum, but I my ear wasn't 100%, but it wasn't super sore, either. It just had a lot of fluid in it, which in it's self isn't a big deal. Well, I hummed and haaaahed and decided to stay hom…

1 or 2?

So, I have been thinking lately about laddering into another course. I am taking the Community & School Support Worker, which can ladder, if one should chose, into another course, called the Human Service Worker Diploma. I can go straight in the 2nd year. I am not sure if I want to go another year. I really want to start making money, and I barely did well in this year, so I dont know if i want to do another year or not. Hubby is supportive of my doing another year, which is awesome. I am thinking that as of now, I will work, for sure for the summer, and if I decide to, I will take another year. I really don't know if I want to be another nearly 12K in debt, just for a few more bucks an hour, and I may not get any more job oppurtunities. I may also jus takea year off, and work, and see how the job market is, and then do another year...that way, I can pay off some of my SL, before going for another year. Decisions, Decisions..:) If I do decide to go straight into another year (…

I don't want to be Me

I just came from a blog that I frequent, and I came away from it a bit ticked. I wil try to not be super rude, but honestly, nearly every time I read it, I get upset. I love this person. We were friends on FB. I have followed her and and her daughters' life since I started reading, but honestly?? It just makes me a bit sad everytime I read it.

She lost her daughter to anecephaly nearly 3 yrs ago, and she is trying to not forget her. I get it. I do. But she also has 4 other kids, and is pregnant again. I know she loves her kids. SHe is a great momma. I just wish she would enjoy her kids. She keeps referring to her daughter in nearly every post, like she is still there. I guess I would do that, if I were in her shoes, and everyone mourns differently, so, I shouldn't judge. She mentioned that she "Didn't want to be me". She doesn't like it when no one asks about her, b/c they know that they will be really talked to about her daughter. She doesn't like bring…

25 Random things about Me - 2013 Edition

Remember a few years back when everyone on FB was doing this game? Well, this showed up on my friends blog yesterday, and I thought I would do another updated one:)

Here goes..

1) I am the oldest of 7 children.

2) I was homsechooled from the end of Gr 4 on.

3) I have am seriously addicted to my new Adnr@id Phone.

4) I also am addicted to Pinterest.
5) I love the Young and the Restless. I have watched it on and off since 1996
6) When I was a kid, i used to sneak down stairs, to where our tv was and watch various mom never knew this until I told her, about a year or so ago.

7) I usually get at least one weekly magazine (as in buy), and I usually go to St@rbucks and sit and read it right away.
8) I spent my 20th bday in Venice.

9) I went to an authentic Italian wedding, in Italy.

10) I use to watch Cooking shows as a kid..and I STILL love to watch them to this day.

11) I was in the delivery room when my little brother, Isaac, was born.

12) I have ADD, and I usually have to either be do…

SUYL-Pinterest, and my phone addiction

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee!!! I have over 10K pins, so I clearly have a problem. But to be fair, I don't spend as much time on there as I used to when I first started (although I sure can at times). I have officially been a pinner for probably a year, but it took me awhile to really understand how I pinned the pins:) Then, last May, I figured it out, and I just took off:) Now, with school, I dont go on there as much, and to be honest, I can go a few days without even looking at it:) Anyway..before I forget, a hearty Canadian welcome to all who read here:) Especially if you are from Kelly;s Korner. (

I was looking through my many pins today, and I really cant find just one (or even a few) that I like:) I could spend hours here.., I dont know how to put pictures of pins here..sorry..but it is my "YesterYear" Board. Very addicting. I also love reading the funnies I find on Pinterest...well, those …

SUYL-Faviourite Vacay Spots, and an update

First welcome to my blog, especially is you are coming from Kelly's Korner ( I was thinking about what I would say would be our faviourite vacay spot today, and I think that it would be a toss up btwn my parents' place, and Victoria, BC. I love, love, LOVE both places for different reasons. I love Victoria because it is peaceful, I love taking the ferry (from the mainland to the Island), and I love the quaintness that is Victoria. I could probably live there. True story. Ok, I just inserted the picture above, and I hoping that it would go

Yay! It is working! I can finally load pics on this blog! The first one is us while we were on walk by his sisters' place. The one below is us on the ferry, the one above is the Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria. The other one would be my parents'. They own and operate a sheep ranch (incase you hadnt heard). It is 100 years old, and my siblings and I are the 4th generation. I LOVe going there ju…

SUYL-Show us your grandkids OR nieces/nephews

Welcome everyone, especially if you are visiting from Kelly's Korner Blog (

This is the 2nd SUYL in a ROW that i have done:) Like i said, I don't usually take part in this, mainly bc I dont have anything in common with the SUYL topic, but the last couple of topics I actually have some things in common with, so, here goes!!

I actually don't feel comfortable with sharing my nieces and nephews pics on here, but I will gladly tell you about them! (besides, if you are my friend, I have tons of pics..too many, probably..on my FB page).

First (for privacy, I will only use their first initial followed by a nickname that we use for them sometimes), G (MonkeyFeather) is 9 (oops, I am such a bad aunty, I totally forgot to send her something) as of the other day. She is on my hubby's side, and I have known her since she was 2 (actually, i think younger). She is a ball of fire, and is STUBBORN!! I am not sure what she will be like at 13, but she definitely…

Vancouver Trip

I thought I would post about my Van trip, since hubby is watching the hockey game, and I am sort of watching it. Hey, being in the same room watching the same show counts as time together right?

I also have to post about my cr@ppy week (well, starting since last Friday), but I will do that maybe Monday night.

So, I had a nice sleep (but not on the greatest bed) on Sunday night. Monday, I got up, had breaky (it is a great B&B, btw), and packed my stuff up. She was great in letter me chk out later, since there was no one else around, and not a lot of ppl coming that day. I left around  12, and walked the few blocks to the hospital. I had my morning Starbucks (there are 4 in two blocks..true story), and walked the City Centre Mall, or whatever it's called. I got somethings I needed at Safeway, and went for my breathing tests. I did really well, and my AbG's (blood gasses) came back great (for me). I had an hour or so btwn appts, so I ran to Sbucks (actually, I really didn'…

Show us your Life-A Day in the Life

EDITED Sunday, March 3

I don't normally do things like this, but I thought I would join in on the fun this time, and hopefully, I can get a bit nore exposure to my blog.

My blogging "friend" (i say "friend", bc I dont think she knows I from does this SUYL every Friday, and she invited people to link their blogs to her site. I usually join, but this time I thought, why not..this is something that I could do. Even though I dont have kids, I still have a day, right?

Since my most "boring", and "normal" day is Saturday (especially since I am in school), I thought I would do, well, today!! (ok, today isnt officially done yet, but it is done enough:))

So, this morning, I slept in, and stayed in bed until 9 or so. I got up and went through some of my magazines that I got from our local library, as some of them had to go back. I also had a breakfast smoothie that I like to make in the morning sometimes. It isn&#…