SUYL-Show us your grandkids OR nieces/nephews

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This is the 2nd SUYL in a ROW that i have done:) Like i said, I don't usually take part in this, mainly bc I dont have anything in common with the SUYL topic, but the last couple of topics I actually have some things in common with, so, here goes!!

I actually don't feel comfortable with sharing my nieces and nephews pics on here, but I will gladly tell you about them! (besides, if you are my friend, I have tons of pics..too many, probably..on my FB page).

First (for privacy, I will only use their first initial followed by a nickname that we use for them sometimes), G (MonkeyFeather) is 9 (oops, I am such a bad aunty, I totally forgot to send her something) as of the other day. She is on my hubby's side, and I have known her since she was 2 (actually, i think younger). She is a ball of fire, and is STUBBORN!! I am not sure what she will be like at 13, but she definitely know what she wants and how to get it! She is an only child, so she she has all of her mommy and daddy's love. We usally see them about 2 times a year..sometimes more.

H (Bebop) will be two in May, and is such a cutie. I usually see him once a week, and I go through withdrawls if  I don't. We had him over to our house a couple of weeks ago, and he and Hubby played with a helium balloon for nearly an hour! True story!!! He is definitely in the terrific two's stage, and goes from morning till night (thankfully with a nap) running!! He keeps us all on our toes! It is nice to have them living in the same city as us.

N (Rosebud, or Dolly) will be a year in July. I wish we saw her more often. I love seeing her pics on her mom's FB page. I am hoping that they will come out this spring, so that she can see the lambs. I think she is crawling, and she has cut some teeth! Her parents take a TON of pictures of her, and she loves to smile and ham it up for the camera.

There are a ton of other "nieces/"nephews" in our lives, but it would take hours to name them all:) My hubby also has a half sister who lives in the states, and she has a daughter (I think she just has the one) who is married and who has a few kids. We connect with them on FB a bit.

Well, that is all for now..I know I need to update you on my bad week last week..but I will try and do that this wknd. Enjoy the kids in your life..whoever they are!!



Meghan K said…
Thanks for stoping by Happy Monday :) I loved hearing about your nieces and nephews. I love being an aunt! It really is amazing!

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