Vancouver Trip

I thought I would post about my Van trip, since hubby is watching the hockey game, and I am sort of watching it. Hey, being in the same room watching the same show counts as time together right?

I also have to post about my cr@ppy week (well, starting since last Friday), but I will do that maybe Monday night.

So, I had a nice sleep (but not on the greatest bed) on Sunday night. Monday, I got up, had breaky (it is a great B&B, btw), and packed my stuff up. She was great in letter me chk out later, since there was no one else around, and not a lot of ppl coming that day. I left around  12, and walked the few blocks to the hospital. I had my morning Starbucks (there are 4 in two blocks..true story), and walked the City Centre Mall, or whatever it's called. I got somethings I needed at Safeway, and went for my breathing tests. I did really well, and my AbG's (blood gasses) came back great (for me). I had an hour or so btwn appts, so I ran to Sbucks (actually, I really didn't want to, but I felt like an iced tea), and sat in the Lobby people watching. I saw the Dr, who claimed that, for me, I am healthy, and i don't need to see him for 16 months! Yay!! I felt very good about that, and I think he felt good, too.

Went back to get my stuff (they are great at letting me store my stuff there), and walked (with great difficulty, I might add) the Sky Train to my friends place in Surrey. If you remember my telling about Baby T, who died when was born prematuraley at 23wks, well, I went to see his Mummy! And he has a little sister, N, who was born (also premature, but she was further along) last July. We had a great time together, the three of us. I got to really meet her hubby, as I had only met him once at our wedding.

We had a nice Tuesday, shopping, going to Olive Garden, and wandering around. We had a nice visit, and I wish we had longer, but I had to get home. On Tuesday evening, we did manis/pedis and watched TV, while we visited. Of course, I got lots of baby cuddles in:) I left Wednesday morning/afternoon, but not before going to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme on the way out:)

It was a nice time, and i may go back in April after I am done school for a couple of days.

That is all for now..I still have problems trying to upload pics on here...I will attempt to do it now..:)

Have a great rest of your weeknd:)


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