SUYL-Pinterest, and my phone addiction

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee!!! I have over 10K pins, so I clearly have a problem. But to be fair, I don't spend as much time on there as I used to when I first started (although I sure can at times). I have officially been a pinner for probably a year, but it took me awhile to really understand how I pinned the pins:) Then, last May, I figured it out, and I just took off:) Now, with school, I dont go on there as much, and to be honest, I can go a few days without even looking at it:) Anyway..before I forget, a hearty Canadian welcome to all who read here:) Especially if you are from Kelly;s Korner. (

I was looking through my many pins today, and I really cant find just one (or even a few) that I like:) I could spend hours here.., I dont know how to put pictures of pins here..sorry..but it is my "YesterYear" Board. Very addicting. I also love reading the funnies I find on Pinterest...well, those ones uploaded above where I wanted them to, But how do you add them directly from the site, like I have seen done? Hmmm....well, i will just save them and then post them here...:) I love shoes! Even though I can't where shoes that are higher than runners, I can still love them, right? Here is one I found yesterday...ok..again, it was added above..oh well..pretty, aint it? Anyway, I love it:) That is my addiction, and hey, at least looking is free, right?

Ok, well, now on to my phone problem. I have an addiction to my phone. A few weeks back I got an Android Smart Phone. YOu know, b/c I wanted to be cool. Well, I rather enjoyed it, until I decided to see if it would swim. It turns out that the protected cover they have? It aint that protective. Well, for the next 24 hours, we tried to decide what do to...and during that time, I HATED my old phone! I had to go back to it, at least for connecting and texting, but i missed my big screen, etc. Well, it was during that time that I realized that I had a problem. You see, I was always one of those people that clearly didnt understand people walking and texting, having their eyes glued to the screen, spending time texting when they should be doing other things (granted, I still think that texting while at the table is rude, unless everyone else is doing it). Well, I have become one of those. And that is just sad. We were watching THE BIBLE the other night, and I spent nearly the entire time on my (old-new) phone. Even last night, I watched the first half of a movie, and I hung out on my phone while the movie was playing. It just makes me upset..and wishing that I wasn`t "one of them". Oh least I am not completely glued to it. I do try to refrain from doing phone stuff while in class, and at church, although I DID text in church (at the beginning) the other day..I also am seeing them pop up in church a lot...that actually does annoy me..but I guess, i mean, what is the difference of your child playing a game or drawing? Really, not much.

We had some snow this week...a few times, but thankfully, it melted. I am having a hard time getting the motivation for doing my school work this wknd. I would much rather watch tv, fb, and play on my phone all day...oh well... thinking about limiting wheat to see how I feel...we`ll see....not sure, as I cant seem to get rid of the sugar and


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