Since when did Easter become a gift holiday?

Happy Maundy Thursday!!! I am sitting on my bed, with antiobotic drops in my ears, suffering from an ear infection. I went to my doctor on Tuesday, with a sore ear, that was itchy, then sore the day and night before. He said it looked inflamed, and gave me some cream for my excema that was apparently in my ear (I have had an itchy year on and off for years). Well, fast forward today (well, last night, actually) and my ear was throbbing SO MUCH, I could barely think straight. Well, this morning, I woke up around 6, as soon as DH left for work, with my ear is so much pain, that I wasn't sure about going to my practicum today. I really wanted to go, but not in the shape I was in. I laid in bed, glad that @dvil was doing (or rather, trying to) do it's thing. I nearly went to practicum, but I my ear wasn't 100%, but it wasn't super sore, either. It just had a lot of fluid in it, which in it's self isn't a big deal. Well, I hummed and haaaahed and decided to stay home. I thought I would make an appt wint my doctor, and depending on how I was doing, I may go up later for a few hours. I called my doctor's office at 9, and they promply said that there were no openings. ARRGH! When I was an MOA, we always fit people in who had small emergencies like that. Well, I just laid on the couch, and watched a movie, well, I slept through most of it. I decided to go to the WI clinic. Went there around 11:30, and was told to come back at 4. I came home, and watched some TV. I watched a movie I had borrowed from the library. Went back out with hubby, and got in within a few minutes. Sure enough, it was an ear infection. GGAHHH! Well, we had a few errands to run, and decided to grab some Chinese food for dinner. Normally, I love going out, but since I wasn't feeling well, it was a bit of an endurance contest. Hubby hardly ever likes going out, so I take it while/when i can:) We did have a nice chat, and the food was great!!!

Back to my title. So, when I was growing up, Easter was never (physically anyway) a major holiday. Mainly it was because we were usually in lambinng seasons. When we were young, we would sometimes have an egg hunt, and that was it. I have noticed that throughout the last few years, that EVERY holiday seems to be, well..about the STUFF!!! I mean, when we were growing up, it was "Christ Arose", "He has Risen", and all that, and MAYBE an egg hunt, and of course, we would TRY to go to church (remember, it was/is our busy season, so we weren't always able to go), and that was about it. Sometimes,we would have a ham, but that was it. Now, it is CRAZY with gifts!!! I mean, don't get me wrong. Jesus' Resurrection is a great day to celebrate, but gifts?? I guess you could compare it to Christmas, in that area, I mean, we celebrate His Birth with gifts, but it was always (i mean, since before the Civil War days) celebrated like that. Easter never really was..was it? I mean, we never did anything. I just think that it is interesting that with every holiday, there has to be a gift. Valetines Day,(I am talking mainly about gifts for the kiddies) St. Patty's Day, and now Easter....:) I mean, what is wrong with a chocolate bunny for the kid, and they are good to go? I think the world is getting greedy...don't you?


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