SUYL-Date Ideas, and a Weekly update

Happy Good Friday, and welcome to my blog! If you are linking/coming from Kelly 's Korner Blog, you will know that I will be talking about date ideas.

My hubby and I have been together for nearly 7 yrs!! We have been married 6 of those. We met online, and married within a year of meeting each other. Probably not the smartest thing I never did, but we did it!
Hubby and I at the Church's Vday Dinner Feb 2013

So, date ideas....I asked him about his favourite date ideas this morning, and he said the same thing I said, which I guess is a good thing! We are usually pretty broke, and boring, so we don't have the most exciting dates, but we do try to get out at least once a week. We find that the summer is easier to get out, as we can grab a Slurpee, and go to our faviourite park and sit by the Bird Sancturary (which is actually a pond filled with birds), and sit and talk. We also love taking road trips together. Some of our best visits have been when we were driving. We also love talking in bed, and in the morning, after he gets home from work, and if I don't have a school day, or am not busy, we can sit and talk for a few minutes. We als will sit and watch a C@nucks (or any) hockey game together. I rarely can sit through an entire game, but I will sometimes have my laptop, and that will keep me happy while the game is on. We also love doing errands together. We will do a few things, and grab lunch at a fast food place and just sit and visit. Sometimes, we will go for coffee at St@rbucks and read the paper together. We have also (tho I think only once) have re-created our first date. We also love taking trips together and camping (in a tent). You can learn a lot about sometime when you camp:)  Well, as far as dates go, I think that is about it:)

So, for an update..I haven't done this for here goes...

Yesterday, I told you about my ear infection, and about my day, so I won't talk about that again..Wednesday, I got up early, and I studied at the school with my classmates for a pretty major test. I failed the last one, so I was pretty stressed about this one. I hope I passed..I think I did..:) I was going to go home (which I probably should have done, due to my ear being sore) but I met up with my SIL at the mall (the only good one in town), and hung out with her for awhile.We exchanged her phone, and I got some clothes for Bebop for his bday. We grabbed a snack, and wandered around, which was nice. I got home, and I hung out on my laptop, and then my ear got bad again. I could barely get ready for bed.Tuesday, I met up with SIL for coffee at, you guessed it St@rbucks for coffee. I did a bit of studying for my sign language test that evening. I went to my DR to have him check out my ear. I went to grab something to eat, and went to the school to do a bit more studying for the test. I grabbed supper and came home. I just relaxed for the evening. Monday, I woke up early, and went to the school and printed off my paper that was due that morning. I went to my classes, and I  went to  a friends house to help her with her new business. That is when my ear started to hurt...bad!! I barely got home, and I shouldn't have been driving! I came home, and I went straight to bed (as I did on Wednesday). Sunday, we didn't go to church (I know..bad), and I went out and I studied for a bit. I came home, and we watched THE BIBLE (which is good, btw). Well, I won't go any further than that..b/c I can't remember what else happened:) Other than my ear infection, and being stressed over school, it was a good week.

I can't believe that I have 850 views on my blog!!


Sarah said…
Awww... I love seeing online dating success stories! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll come back and follow as I'll be giving away something from Stella and Dot soon! :)
The A Team said…
Hi Sarah :) Thank you for stopping by (three years too late!!!)!!

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