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EDITED Sunday, March 3

I don't normally do things like this, but I thought I would join in on the fun this time, and hopefully, I can get a bit nore exposure to my blog.

My blogging "friend" (i say "friend", bc I dont think she knows I from does this SUYL every Friday, and she invited people to link their blogs to her site. I usually join, but this time I thought, why not..this is something that I could do. Even though I dont have kids, I still have a day, right?

Since my most "boring", and "normal" day is Saturday (especially since I am in school), I thought I would do, well, today!! (ok, today isnt officially done yet, but it is done enough:))

So, this morning, I slept in, and stayed in bed until 9 or so. I got up and went through some of my magazines that I got from our local library, as some of them had to go back. I also had a breakfast smoothie that I like to make in the morning sometimes. It isn't overly healthy, but it has a serving of fruit in it:) I did dishes and washed the kitchen down.

At 11:00, I got dressed, and got my books, my school work, etc and left for the day. Hubby had woken up from a nap, so we chatted for a bit before I left. I went to Starbucks, to journal, and wait for my friends from the church who meet once a week for coffee. I had a snack, and enjoyed the sites and sounds til they came. They arrived at about 1, and we had a nice visit. I left earlier than I usually do, since I had to get studying.

From 2-5: I went to the library, and I studied...well, I studied and I DID get a few things done, so that was good.

5:00: I picked up my SIL, who is living here (with her hubby, my brother) for a few months while he finishes up his welding course. I picked her up, and we went grocery shopping (I know..real exciting), and then I dropped her off to where JT was. I came home around 630, and we watched some Judge Judy's that I had PVR'd, while we had a fish and chip supper.We are now currently watching the Kings vs the Canucks Hockey game.

EDITED: Sunday, March 3: I spent the rest of the evening watching JJ, and Fb'ing, and I chatted online with some friends. Hubby went to bed around 9:30. I went to bed about 11 pm

I just realised that I have not really talked about my Vancouver trip, so I will do that next post:)


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