SUYL-Faviourite Vacay Spots, and an update

First welcome to my blog, especially is you are coming from Kelly's Korner ( I was thinking about what I would say would be our faviourite vacay spot today, and I think that it would be a toss up btwn my parents' place, and Victoria, BC. I love, love, LOVE both places for different reasons. I love Victoria because it is peaceful, I love taking the ferry (from the mainland to the Island), and I love the quaintness that is Victoria. I could probably live there. True story. Ok, I just inserted the picture above, and I hoping that it would go

Yay! It is working! I can finally load pics on this blog! The first one is us while we were on walk by his sisters' place. The one below is us on the ferry, the one above is the Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria.
The other one would be my parents'. They own and operate a sheep ranch (incase you hadnt heard). It is 100 years old, and my siblings and I are the 4th generation. I LOVe going there just to relax (ok, it is isn't always relaxing, but it is sure different), and look at the animals, and just hang out with nature.
I love this old barn. I love taking pics whenever I am home.
The white/guard dogs leading the sheep at feeding time.
I actually have more, but they on FB, or on my old computer:( We will often stay in the heritage Bed and Breakfast my parents have. We love it. We play pioneer (with electricity) and just enjoy a bit of a break from the city.
So, and update:
My bad week is nearly forgotten, but I will say that I saw my OB/GYN and she told me that she got some info from my doctors in Vancouver (not my specialist, but the ones from the Maternal Medicine clinic), who strongly advised that it would be risky for me to have kids. I actully didnt know that they had said that, so I was quite sad when I found this out:( I guess I shouldnt be surprised, but I did feel sad and upset, and of course, surprised. It just feels like another nail in the coffin. So, I went to Starbucks to grab something that numbed the pain:) I KNOW that the Lord has plans for me (us), but I just don`t see it. I mean, I know I am going to school, but even at times, I don`t know if I am going to like it.
Well, this wknd is going to be stupidly busy...i have a major test to study for, friends coming over on Sunday, our house is a mess, shows on my PVR to catch up on, am supposed to be going to a Steeped Tea Party get the picture.
So, last wknd, my sisters bday. We had a nice time, and I even enjoyed helping mom make the ganache/mousse for the Mock Black Forest Cake. If you haven't stayed up until 10 pm making ganache/mousse, you should! She enjoyed all her gifts, her time with family, etc. I enjoyed time with everyone as well. The trip out there was great, and it was a very quiet and nice trip back.
Well, I don't seem to have the writing skills tonight, so I will try and update again soon.
PS...I managed to bite my tongue (hard!) at lunch today, and I dropped my cell phone in the, it seems to be hooped....arrgh!


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