1 or 2?

So, I have been thinking lately about laddering into another course. I am taking the Community & School Support Worker, which can ladder, if one should chose, into another course, called the Human Service Worker Diploma. I can go straight in the 2nd year. I am not sure if I want to go another year. I really want to start making money, and I barely did well in this year, so I dont know if i want to do another year or not. Hubby is supportive of my doing another year, which is awesome. I am thinking that as of now, I will work, for sure for the summer, and if I decide to, I will take another year. I really don't know if I want to be another nearly 12K in debt, just for a few more bucks an hour, and I may not get any more job oppurtunities. I may also jus takea year off, and work, and see how the job market is, and then do another year...that way, I can pay off some of my SL, before going for another year. Decisions, Decisions..:) If I do decide to go straight into another year (this fall), it will postpone our moving, which I really want to do. I want to have a two bedroom place, and have our own laundry. Just for kicks, I applied, and the lady who took my papers, verbally, tho not officially, said that I would probably get in. Can I really do another year??


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