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Weekend at the Ranch

Last wknd, I went to the ranch, as I hadn't been there since Christmas, and it was lambing season (when all the ewes have their babies), and I wanted get in on it before it was over. This will mostly be a picture post, as I really didn't do a whole ton.

Friday: I came home, grabbed my stuff, ran some errands, and left. Anker wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. I was a bit bummed, but when he is feeling bad, it is better for him to stay home than to be around people. There was construction on the road, but I didn't get delayed (I did, however pick up a screw somewhere along the way!). Once a month, the church has a movie night. Mom and Dad were going, and they told me they were, but I didn't think I was going to go, as I had seen the movie before (which normally doesn't stop me, but I didn't know if I wanted to be around people). I went and I really enjoyed watching the movie (Miracles from Heaven) again, and I even got a free copy of it (and Heaven is F…

Picture Post

A picture-only post from the last little bit :)

Calico got into one of the puzzle boxes.

 A few SB trips.

 Our class went on an hour walk last week, and it was gorgeous!
 Starbucks trips.

Warm weather has been happening!!!
I had bought a red top awhile back, and I got something on it that won't come off, so I got another one in blue. I love it!!!  Our new Deep Freeze. We love it.

 Greek Chicken Wrap on Friday. Yum!
 Jersey Day was earlier this month, in memory of the Humbolt Broncos tragedy, and since a lot of us at school didn't have jersey's, one of the parents brought some in for the staff to wear.
 I found this recipe in a magazine for chocolate peanut butter cups. OMGoodness, they were SO GOOD!!!
 A few pics of my phone.
 The back of it. I am liking my phone pretty well, I guess. I love that it has a Blue Light filter, since I spend time on phone long after I should be in bed.
 The front of it.

Random Ridiculousless

Yes, I am still alive :) I hope you had a great week! I cannot believe that is almost MAY!!! Then, after May, it is my birthday month!!! I should probably do a Five on Friday Post, and I still might, but here are some randoms from the last while.

Only 7 more weeks of school!!! I cannot wait!!!
I got our tires changed the other day...only $565. Yes, we are happy. And also happy that we were able to save some money for things like that.
Spring has arrived, y'all! It was 27C today!!! It was HOT!
Our class went on an hour walk on Wednesday, and it was GORGEOUS!!!!
We adulted HARD and bought a 5 cubic foot freezer! We LOVE IT! We are hoping that we can spend less money on eating out, and eat healthier. Let's hope!
Anker and I have had a few day/errands dates lately. Now that it is nice outside, he doesn't mind being out as much. He has been out in the yard lots. He is excited about the garden. He planted it the end of March.
I went to the ranch last wknd. Anker wasn't feeli…

Five on Friday

Happy Sunday, Friends! I will get to my second week of Spring Break, I promise. I just haven't been as into blogging or even journalling lately. I did an InstaStory this afternoon, which I might add on to tonight. I have been going through some health issues that last 6 weeks, and we are trying to figure out what is going on. This is kind of similar to what happened 8 years ago. You can read about here and here. This isn't worse per se, but it definitely isn't pleasant. I will do a post about it another time, but for now, let's do some Five on Fridays!!!

1)  Today got up to 17c (62.6F) today! And it was sunny!! I could have worn my capri pants and sandals; it was that warm! It was too hot to sit in the car without the window down.

2) I found two great thrift finds last Monday at our local Value Village. I found a spring coat for $6.50, and runners for $15.

3) Anker had I had a couple of date days the last while, and on Monday, we grabbed some cheap chocolate. I know Ea…

Spring Break; Wk 1

Hello from sunny, but chilly Calgary, Alberta :) Vienna and I are here for the week visiting family and friends, and being all adult and driving the BIG CITY, and feeling quite proud of ourselves :)  I will blog more about that later, but I thought I would blog about my first week of Spring Break.

Friday (March 16): We didn't do a bunch of work at school; it was mainly hands on stuff, and the adults the kids were more than ready to be done. We also dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day. After school, I went to/for coffee with my teacher friend whom I work with. We talked for a couple of hours. After coffee, I went to Wal-Mart, and bought a few things, and then went home for the evening. (This line was also written on March 31). I also woke up not feeling well (along with the other health issues that I have been having lately), and I basically still don't feel 100%.

Saturday: I am pretty sure that I slept in super late, and I hung out and ran errands. I went to the library…