Monday, April 30, 2018

Picture Post

A picture-only post from the last little bit :)

Calico got into one of the puzzle boxes.

 A few SB trips.

 Our class went on an hour walk last week, and it was gorgeous!
 Starbucks trips.

Warm weather has been happening!!!
I had bought a red top awhile back, and I got something on it that won't come off, so I got another one in blue. I love it!!!
 Our new Deep Freeze. We love it.

 Greek Chicken Wrap on Friday. Yum!
 Jersey Day was earlier this month, in memory of the Humbolt Broncos tragedy, and since a lot of us at school didn't have jersey's, one of the parents brought some in for the staff to wear.
 I found this recipe in a magazine for chocolate peanut butter cups. OMGoodness, they were SO GOOD!!!
 A few pics of my phone.
 The back of it. I am liking my phone pretty well, I guess. I love that it has a Blue Light filter, since I spend time on phone long after I should be in bed.
 The front of it.
 I wore sandals and spent time outside the other day. It was glorious!
 Some Starbucks trips.
 Yard sale finds
 This was the same day that I wore the sandals.
Anker made this the other day. It is SO good!!!

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