Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Break; Wk 1

Hello from sunny, but chilly Calgary, Alberta :) Vienna and I are here for the week visiting family and friends, and being all adult and driving the BIG CITY, and feeling quite proud of ourselves :)  I will blog more about that later, but I thought I would blog about my first week of Spring Break.

Friday (March 16): We didn't do a bunch of work at school; it was mainly hands on stuff, and the adults the kids were more than ready to be done. We also dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day. After school, I went to/for coffee with my teacher friend whom I work with. We talked for a couple of hours. After coffee, I went to Wal-Mart, and bought a few things, and then went home for the evening. (This line was also written on March 31). I also woke up not feeling well (along with the other health issues that I have been having lately), and I basically still don't feel 100%.

Saturday: I am pretty sure that I slept in super late, and I hung out and ran errands. I went to the library, and I grabbed a pop, and sat at the park in the car. I don't really know what I did on Saturday evening. I think that was the day that I watched The Walk, and Confessions of a Psychopath Social Climber. I might have watched that on Sunday. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday: On Sunday morning, we got some sad news that my Uncle had died. He and my aunt had been married under 5 years, but we had known him for a lot longer. It was a shock, but not a shock, if that makes sense. I nearly went out to Salmon Arm to spend time with my aunt, but her other sister was on her way, so I went on to church. After church. came home and hung out for a bit. I think that was when I watched some movies. I don't really remember. Ha! I went out for a bit, and came home and relaxed in the evening. I life is exciting!!

Monday: I had a relaxing day; I watched tv and movies. I think I ran some errands. I had a blood test, and went to the library. Anker started on the yard and garden. I went to Bible Study in the evening.

Tuesday: I got up early and went to the lab, but things didn't go so well. I went to the park and hung out for a bit, and then I went to the library. I met a friend for sushi, and then I came home for a nap/lay down. I watched a movie called Baby Boot Camp, and I think I started on another movie.

                                                 I bruise like a peach :)
Yummy sushi!!!

Wednesday: I relaxed in the morning, and met up with my friend for coffee at a local coffee shop. We talked for 2 hours! I picked up Anker, and we went to my Dr's Appt. We ran a couple of errands, including having supper at Subway, and then I went to look after my nephew for the evening. I watched Mike and Molly and just relaxed. It was nice.

Thursday: I spent the day running errands and getting ready for my Tupperware party. I even cleaned up a bit. I think Anker went out to get a few groceries in the morning. I had my Tupperware party in the evening, and came home and hung out.

Friday: I was home and on and off all day. I met a friend to pick up some TW stuff for warranty, and ran a few errands. Then I came home and put my TW order in. That took AGES! I think I left again around 2:30.  I don't know what else I did the rest of Friday. I   think I went back out and ran some more errands and I went and grabbed the Crystal Frappuccino.  I wasn't a fan. I grabbed things for my sister's and my trip to Calgary, and I came home and I packed and hung and watched TV.

This has taken me over a week to compile. I am now home (have been for over a week), and I have been at school for a week already. I will post about our week in Calgary hopefully tomorrow. I haven't journaled in nearly 2 months!

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