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I also got BCAA two weekends ago..I was sick of having to call a tow truck/or using someone else BCAA to get our car towed/started. I can get it taken out monthly, so it won't be so much.

I am waiting on a few things from eBay. I paid for one nearly a month ago, and it's still not here yet. I called PayPal, and I filed a claim. The two other things should be here soon...:)

Just an Update

I should probably be getting ready for work right now, but I thought that I would quickly update on what is going on around here.

Not a lot, really..Just every day stuff:) We had SNOW last night, and early this morning. I am not happy. It also turned REALLY cold over the weekend:( One day, I was out in my light jacket, the next day, back the winter one. At least it's been sunny!!

Regarding my cyst..I finally heard back from my surgeon, and she said that it hasn't grown. Apparently, it was in the CT scan last March, but they didn't do anything about it, which makes me a bit upset. It was about 6cm, and now it has gone down to about 4 cm. To be honest, I am not totally content w/ what she said. I still have fluid in my abdomen (more on that in a minute), so I just don't understand why it's still there:( They will do another u/s in June to see how it's doing. I am doing fine, no pain, any everything else is fine. I will go to my Dr. here to see if we can take some o…


Don't worry, I don't have it (more on that in a moment), but is has been on my mind lately.

Maybe it's because there is a girl about 7 yrs old who's blog I have been following for 18 months has had her tumour return. Or, maybe it's because one of my old Bible College professors ended his fight with a blood cancer on Friday. Or, maybe it's because I **AM** worried that the cyst I have IS cancer..or maybe the leasions on my brain ARE cancer! Yes, I know, I am being overly dramatic, but I just worry about stuff like that. I don't understand sometimes, why God chooses not to heal people of any disease, for that matter.

Kate is a beautiful young lady, who at 5 1/2 yrs old was diagnosed w/ a rare brain tumuour, that turned out to be cancer. She has endured more than a child (or adult, for that matter) should in the last 18 months. Stuff that no one should have to know about..cancer, chemo, MRI, CT's, PET. Things seemed to be going well, I think she even had a …